Getting to Know Athlete’s Kitchen

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It’s not difficult to find tasty, healthy food in Liberty Village these days. There are a number of options to choose from and being healthy is a prominent theme in the lives of many in the neighborhood. Among the go-to businesses used by the health-conscious in Liberty Village is Athlete’s Kitchen, found at 171 East Liberty Street, #131.

This company was built off of the philosophy of supplying gym goers, athletes, and the everyday health-conscious general public with natural food that moves past the diets, supplements, and fads that are so prominent in contemporary athlete life. Athlete’s Kitchen is a meal-planning service, providing natural, pure, and balanced meals that can either be retrieved in-store or that can be purchased via home delivery. Among the most popular meal planning services in Liberty Village, order your meal fresh in store, grab it and go, or pre-order and have it delivered to your door when you need it.

The best part of Athlete’s Kitchen, as a meal planning service, is that you know you are getting an intelligently designed, fully balanced meal. The company prides itself on selling meals that are seasonal, local, grass-fed, whole foods, organic, paleo, gluten-free, and lactose-free. No matter what your dietary preferences are, there is something for every diet at Athlete’s Kitchen in Liberty Village. It is also surprisingly easy to build for yourself a meal plan that appeals to what tastes good to you.

What’s on the Menu at Athlete’s Kitchen?

There are a number of menu items to choose from, including classic breakfast choices, smoothie bowls, snacks, super foods, hot and cold beverages, and even uniquely designed, health-conscious desserts, such as the company’s paleo brownie, banana breads, ‘energy balls’ which mix nuts and dates, paleo cookies, almond butter cup, and avocado pudding.

Meal plans come in three unique categories. There is ‘Athlete’ which appeals to more physically active people, providing a customer with starchy carbohydrates and protein, and with a sufficient amount of healthy fats. There is ‘Nu-Paleo’ which focuses on high quality fat and protein, and then there is ‘Shredding’ with puts the focus on high quality protein with anti-inflammatory greens.

Beyond the prepared menu items, there are options to choose what protein you prefer and what you want your plan duration to be. The typical meal plan is delivered twice weekly. Everything you want in your meal plan can be selected online or if you want to pay the store a visit, you can speak with a representative about any questions you might have and/or special dietary requests.

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Athlete’s Kitchen is a Special Part of the Business Community

Part of the reason why Liberty Village businesses have been able to thrive is because they work together to provide consumers with unique services, doing it better than anyone else. Athlete’s Kitchen is an example of this. They are a company willing to go the extra mile to ensure that what they are selling is as advertised. For a meal planning service, they are more than affordable and are no doubt a credit to the growing business community in this neighborhood. If you have never tried Athlete’s Kitchen before or have never tried a meal planning service before, giving the company a try can be a great way to kick-start a new diet or training regimen.

The company continues to garner high ratings from consumers, who have communicated their appreciation on the ‘balanced meal’ approach and the portion control that Athlete’s Kitchen employs. It is more than recommended to give the place a try the next time you are down by the Liberty Market building. Anyone can go in and order a single meal, sampling what they have to offer. Throughout the past two years, Athlete’s Kitchen has continued to grow as a business and has been among the companies that have made Liberty Village a better place to live. It is ultimately the hope that Athlete’s Kitchen will continue to supply the neighborhood with a high quality meal planning option, as Liberty Village continues to strengthen its business community and attract new investors.

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