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Streetart is a new age phenomenon being embraced by cities and neighborhoods across the world. Instead of many property owners fighting the illegal graffiti tags and destruction of precious buildings and walls with unwanted designs, many property owners are now seeing the value in commissioning artists to tastefully decorate their assets. Many cities across Canada, including Calgary, AB, and North Bay, ON, have joined with their local police forces to create authorized streetart in an effort to reduce crime and bring a stronger sense of community and pride to their areas.

Toronto Carpet Factory – Sidwalk Art

Liberty Village Street Art
The detail and color of the sidewalk art is bold and inspired by Mexican textile. Photo taken by Meg Marshall.

It isn’t noticeable at a first glance, as you have to walk in between some of the buildings to find some incredible sidewalk chalk art done by the legend What is Victor Up To. Once you find it, you will be mesmerized by the intricate detail and the bold use of colors. He shared his appreciation for the area and said, “I knew the buildings back in the early 80s as a teen. The whole place was rough but also cool. The building management sought me out and it was perfect.” This past summer was actually the third time that What is Victor Up To has worked with The Toronto Carpet Factory. The first edition of his rug was a curvy design. In the second year, he used a different color palette and some smaller interior designs. This year’s rendition was influenced by Mexican textile, vibrant color and he wanted the carpet to have a lot of “punch”. Take a stroll and a snap or two with the awesome sidewalk art.  

Liberty Street Cycle – Two Story Wall Mural

Liberty Village Street Art
A two story mural initiated by a customer wanting to beautify the neighborhood and highlight a favourite local business. Photo taken by Meg Marshall.

How can you not miss this gorgeous piece? It is on the north side of the two-storey building where Liberty Street Cycle calls home. This piece has a unique story behind it. The mural was spearheaded by a loyal customer of Liberty Street Cycle named Rob. The Sales Manager of the store, Jake Williams, explained that Rob is a passionate cyclist and local business operator. “He saw this opportunity as a great way to improve exposure for our shop and to help beautify Liberty Village,” states Williams. Utilizing the StreetARToronto program, Rob and his friends Jason and Jarus completed the necessary paperwork and design requirements to receive approval for the mural.

The design of the mural was explained by Jarus and he says, “it’s based off of a photo I took of one of my best friends ex girlfriend and their cat together. The cat is something that can’t be split as they separate.” 

Liberty Street Market – Statement Graphics

Liberty Love Wall
An artistic use of typography to emulate the vibe and passion of our neighborhood. Photo taken by Meg Marshall.

Taking a stroll through the Liberty Market Building Galleria has just gotten better and more creative. Back in the summer of 2016, Artist Ben Johnston was commissioned to create this “Liberty Love” piece as well as a second piece with the word “Hustle”.  They serve as great backgrounds for Instagram or Facebook photos. Lifetime Developments has been the owner of the Liberty Market Building since 2004 and as they have seen the neighborhood evolve with creativity and energy, they wanted to capture that. Johnston has many pieces throughout the city and is known for his strong typography artwork.

Take a moment and truly appreciate all of the vibrancy, inspiration and art showcased in the Liberty Village streets.

Meg Marshall

A city gal at heart but with a soft spot for the country. If not out shopping for the next coveted fashion piece or checking out one of Toronto's delicious eateries, Meg can be found riding her horses.

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