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Organic Garage Liberty Village

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Though it is in its very early stages, the Canadian-based organic and all-natural grocery store Organic Garage has entered into a letter of intent for a new location to be situated in Liberty Village. Major news for the growing neighborhood, Organic Garage intends to establish a location more than 13,000 square feet in size! Though the when, where, and how many jobs the company intends to bring to Liberty Village is still a matter of debate, the organization hopes to contribute to the health food movement that continues to sweep up much of Toronto’s most popular neighborhoods.

Getting to Know Organic Garage

Toronto has been a breeding ground for all-natural grocery stores though the vast majority of these have oftentimes been locations of the corporate variety. The Organic Garage company is a growing Canadian corporation with three locations currently open. Most recently, the company opened a location in July, 2017 in the Junction and has a fourth location in planning and development in the Leaside region. The opening of a Liberty Village location would mark the company’s fifth location and its third in Toronto, no doubt a major sign of expansion that the organization hopes to bring to other parts of the province.

Going beyond offering premium organic and natural items, a major tenant of the Organic Garage brand is being able to offer the best quality products at everyday affordable prices. Think of it as healthier food for less, arguably something that is needed in the Liberty Village community as so many premium brands compete among each other with higher than average price tags. Among their current locations, they provide produce, meat, bakery goods, vitamins and supplements, and health and beauty. Currently in Liberty Village, there is nothing quite as large in the organic grocery store category as the 13,000 sq. ft. location that Organic Garage is hoping to build.

The launch of the Junction location Earlier in July.

What Can I Expect from a Liberty Village Location?

Currently, little is known beyond the 13,000 sq. ft. size dimension that Organic Garage has communicated. As a one-stop Liberty Village shopping experience, the company hopes to establish one of Canada’s largest 100 percent dedicated certified organic product departments. Within this department, there are plans to host self-serve prepared foods, a sustainable sushi take-out bar, a fresh juice bar, a café, and alongside all of this will be a wide variety of dairy, bakery items, meats, frozen foods, vitamin and supplements, health and beauty, and bulk food items. As one of Canada’s leading independent organic grocers, an Organic Garage Liberty Village location is going to provide an inclusive, unique grocery shopping experience unlike anything that the neighborhood has seen.

What Effect Will Organic Garage have in Liberty Village?

Liberty Village is already serviced by its Metro at 100 Lynn Williams Street, a Bulk Barn at 171 East Liberty Street, and the nearby Independent City Market at 1022 King Street, alongside other specialty businesses throughout the neighborhood. What Organic Garage has the potential to do is to act as a hub for residents of common interests, bringing them together and furthering the argument of Liberty Village being the premiere Toronto west end neighborhood.

For any growing neighborhood, it is important to have commercial anchors around which further development can be built. The Liberty Market building is one such anchor and has seen countless businesses occupy its immediate surroundings. The Metro is another hub around which a variety of small businesses and corporate franchises have set up. The Organic Garage has the opportunity to be another anchor around which development can be had. Currently, Liberty Village still maintains a large area of underdeveloped space. Depending on where Organic Garage sets up, it could significantly change the dynamics of the neighborhood space.

Though a letter of intent is merely a stated intention, presently, Organic Garage are considering a select few spaces in Liberty Village to host their neighborhood location. We are currently awaiting more information on a proposed ‘opening date’ but we will keep you posted.

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