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Authentic East Indian cuisine has never been tastier than at Maurya East Indian Roti in Liberty Village. With over 25 years of experience backing them, the company has had a Liberty Village location open for a few years now and with much success. Creating traditional Indian dishes including in their specialized flat bread-wrapped Indian curries, Maurya’s has a number of menu items that one would be hard pressed to find elsewhere in the neighborhood.

The casual, walk-in friendly atmosphere at Maurya East Indian Cuisine has brought in thousands of passersby over the years. Providing affordable Indian meals in Liberty Village, the restaurant has become known for its lunch menu which is offered as soon as doors open at 11:30 am on weekdays, and 12 pm on Saturday and Sunday. There are a few Maurya East Indian Cuisine locations throughout the GTA with Liberty Village being among its newest additions. The delicious East India roti is second to none and comes highly recommended to anyone who might be browsing this menu for the first time.

Originally named after an ancient Indian dynasty of kings, Maurya East Indian Cuisine is a quality choice for anyone seeking a take-out focussed spot. The insides of the restaurant are relatively basic with reminders of Indian culture spread throughout. Whether you choose to eat there or bring it home, the food is what customers come for. While this may not be ideal to book a business conversation for, it’s a great place to stop in on your way home from work to pick up something new to try.

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When it comes to the menu, everything is made fresh. There are plenty of veggie and even vegan options. Among the more popular menu items is the saag paneer curry as roti. Wrapped in a large fresh roti shell are potatoes, homemade paneer, and pureed spinach mixed in with a creamy sauce and strong garlic flavourings. Customer be warned – the portions can be quite large. If you don’t have a large appetite, there’s enough here to spread over two meals and is well worth the purchase price.

Almost anything on the menu can be made to varying degrees of spice – ‘mild’, ‘medium’, and ‘hot’. If you don’t like things too spicy, going with the medium can help keep things comfortable. Pairing your meal with an appropriate drink, such as a sweet mango lassi, can also help offset some of the spicy-ness. Then again, if spicy is your thing, go ‘hot’ and find a heat coming off your food that you can really enjoy!

Another popular menu item at Maurya East Indian Cuisine in Liberty Village is the butter chicken with rice. Boneless chicken breast is cooked in a special makhani sauce and is nestled into a plate of basmati rice. There are a lot of similar, duplicate businesses that attempt the same type of thing such as the Roti Cuisine of India and Butter Chicken Roti but there’s nothing quite like something closer to the original Indian recipe.

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Despite its tasty menu, Maurya East Indian Roti has been hit with mixed reviews in the past mainly related to its customer service. That said, the majority of customers that have walked into this restaurant have come out highly satisfied with their purchases, all rich and full of flavour. Throughout the past year, the owners have continued to improve upon their customer service experience. This is well worth a visit if you are seeking to try a new take-out place. If you have never had spicy Indian before, going with something under ‘mild’ is best recommended as some of the menu items can get quite hot. It’s best to air on a side of caution with this.

Liberty Village does not have very many restaurants in the same category as Maurya East Indian Cuisine, making them a welcome addition to the growing neighborhood network. Browse from a list of golden samosas, roti, butter chicken, and more, and make a plate for yourself to devour! If you are looking for a new place to try or want somewhere to pop in for some lunch on an early afternoon, Maurya East Indian Cuisine is an excellent choice.

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