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Many buyers and sellers in Liberty Village have gone through the process of either attending a staged condo showing or have had to stage a unit themselves. A successful staging can brighten and de-clutter even a small space rather impressively.

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Though some have gone without staging their Liberty Village condo, it is recommended to do what you can to appeal to buyer interests. The bottom line is that if you are looking to sell your Liberty Village condo successfully in a short amount of time, staging goes a long way in having that goal realized.

Build Cohesion Throughout

How to stage a Liberty Village condo begins with understanding the cohesion of the rooms contained in the unit. Due to the fact that some units are redeveloped from older, industrial buildings, some spaces offer more cohesion than others. The use of furniture and accessories spaced throughout a condo can being together a cohesive theme where there might not be one prior. Also, some stagers would advise to paint the walls with a fresh, uniform coat of white but depending on the exact style and/or appearance of your unit, you may not need to.

Consider Lighting at both Day and Night

Day and night, lighting is important in bringing out the personality of a room. In the daytime, throw up the blinds. If you have a view, show it off! If not, just letting a little light in can be enough to freshen up a dull space. At night, positioning lamps and lighting accessories in key parts of the unit is important to ensuring that an apartment is presented in the best possible light, pun intended.

Replacing Furniture

Many sellers will replace old-style, dated furniture with sleeker, smarter versions. If you are working with a staging company, they will likely recommend the replacement of some furniture. Some of the more popular moves that people make in staging a Liberty Village condo include putting in an appropriate sized couch; adding an area rug to help define living space and add some warmth; replacing some art pieces with mirrors to help contribute light reflection in a room; and adding in color-based accessories, all of which go a long way in contributing a fun, spirited feel to a condo unit.

Patterns, Rhythms, and Balance

It is easy to get carried away with the process of staging a Liberty Village condo. Throughout this entire process, you not only want to focus on adding shine but also in maintaining balance in the room. Colors, side tables, lighting, and art pieces all can trace their own rhythms and patterns. Making sure that these rhythms are completed by themselves and that this rhythm also reacts to the other patterns in the room is among the most difficult tasks in ensuring that a unit is properly balanced.

Know your Potential Buyers

If you’re in an area such as Liberty Village that is being marketed towards young professionals and young buyers in general, you want to make sure that the unit is styled accordingly. If you have a family coming to view the unit, this is worth keeping in mind as you arrange the elements around you.

The reason why staging is such a common, successful process in Liberty Village real estate is because it’s building a space with the specific intent to sell. Cleaning, de-cluttering, and staging should revolve around appealing to those who are in the market to buy.

Remember – staging should highlight your space’s assets while hiding the negatives. When it comes to selling fast and for top dollar, staging can make all the difference. Every space is different and each unit comes with its own unique features that, through staging, can be presented in a way that appeals it as wide an audience as possible. Though staging can range in price, it does not have to be that expensive. Simply by cleaning up surfaces, ensuring furniture is arranged in a pleasing manner, adding a fresh coat of paint, and accessorizing here and there, this can be enough to bring out the best in a space at low cost.

Planning to sell your Liberty Village condo and want the benefits of free staging? Email Michael Camber, Liberty Village’s #1 selling Realtor to get the process started. [email protected]

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