‘Feast’ App in Liberty Village Offers Grocery Delivery at Home

Now Liberty Village residents have a reason to tap into the new ‘Feast’ app which recently expanded to Don Valley to the east, Dufferin Street to the west, and Queen Street to the north. The Feast app is a Toronto-based grocery delivery service targeting busy Liberty Village residents who may not have the opportunity to do a run at the grocery store. Toronto Life recently named the Feast app Toronto’s #1 food delivery service, available on both the iOS and Android platforms for smartphone users.

Rejuvenated Liberty Village has been a popular spot for the Feast app which has already been used by many of its residents. Liberty Village is notorious for being very pedestrian friendly and in doing so, it can prove to be challenging for someone to access in a vehicle. The guys at Feast have gotten around that through the use of cargo bikes that are able to take a spin down Richmond Street or Wellington Street and reach any customer in the Liberty Village area. This provides an environmentally-friendly sustainable service that is able to serve the wide array of customers that are local to the area.

Feast-Promo Liberty VillageThose that are looking to get something from the LCBO or the Beer Store can also do so via the Feast app. If you’ve just sat down for dinner and realize that your favourite bottle of wine is nearly empty, it’s time to tap into Feast.

In addition to the grocery service offered via Feast, Liberty Village residents get the added benefit of being able to offer from a housemade, handcrafted, local meal from Feast’s Executive Chef, Curt Martin. Martin is well-known in the Toronto community having been at the Harbord Room, Byblos as well as the Drake Hotel in recent years. Now, with the Feast app, Curt Martin is offering a range of prepared meals that can’t be found anywhere else. For a Liberty Village resident that is looking for an easy, healthy meal that they don’t need to prepare, give the Feast app a look and get a range of meals that are all prepared with the most local ingredients and by a Toronto chef expert. These pre-made meals are available at the 11 am lunch hour as well as at the 5:00 pm dinner hour.

Feast-Promo Liberty VillageThe Feast brand name is built around offering a premium service that promotes healthy, clean food and at a fair price point. Many Liberty Village residents have already tapped into Feast and the app itself has garnered rave reviews for it’s easy-to-use functionality. Those that know the city, the Feast guys have overtaken the space that was formerly Jamie Kennedy’s Gilead Café. This is where the company comes to prepare its food before being sent out for delivery on branded bicycles. Liberty Village residents have seen delivery times range from ten to fifteen minutes for meals and it has proven to be a hit particularly during lunch hour. Also, the Feast guys have gone the extra mile in ensuring that the meat is locally sourced and that there are vegetarian friendly options as well to appeal to the vegetarian population in Liberty Village and outside of the community.

Feast-Promo-Liberty VillageThe services offered via Feast adds to the growing list of amenities found in Liberty Village which continues to benefit from redevelopment and increased business activity. The next time that a Liberty Village resident is looking for a tasty meal but may not want to go through the trouble of going out for lunch or supper, Feast is there. You don’t need to take the fifteen-minute walk to Lakeshore, the twenty-minute streetcar ride to the financial district, or the twenty-minute walk to the entertainment district down King Street West. Get a quality meal at your condo space, your loft space, your office space, or even at the park. Liberty Village’s Feast app appeals to the Toronto neighborhood directly, puts its profits back into the community, and continues to grow not only within Liberty Village’s borders but with slow expansions outwards. Stay in, have a kitchen party, and tap into the Feast app today to share in one of Liberty Village’s newest features.

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