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Liberty New Street

Information as provided by the City of Toronto, which can be located here….

Since late 2015 the City has made some minor changes to the proposed alignment of the new street to minimize property impacts.

Next Opportunity for Input: May 16, 2016 Committee Meeting

A staff report on the study recommendations will be presented to a committee of City Council called the Public Works & Infrastructure Committee (PWIC). The Committee reviews the report and can adopt the staff recommendations or suggest changes that will then be considered by City Council in their decision-making. Interested members of the public can arrange to speak or submit comments to PWIC:

MEETING: Public Works & Infrastructure Committee (PWIC)

DATE: May 16, 2016

TIME: 9:30 a.m. start

LOCATION:   Committee Room 1, 2nd Floor, City Hall, 100 Queen Street West

Preferred Design

Similar to what was presented at the December 2011 Public Open House (see Public Consultation section), the preferred design continues to be Option 2C – Construct a New Two-Lane Local Road with Adjacent Multi-use Path.Liberty New St Drawing 29-14 ColourThe design would include the following:

  • Two-way connections at all intersecting north-south streets, except for Strachan Avenue, which would be restricted to southbound only travel (right-in, right-out)
  • Two traffic lanes (one in each direction)
  • No on street parking
  • A sidewalk on the north side of the road
  • A two-way multi-use trail for cyclists and pedestrians on the south side of the road
  • Landscaping and civic improvements, including south-facing lookouts, where possible

The City aims to complete this study Summer 2016.  If endorsed by Council, potential implementation could follow a phased approach. Currently there is no schedule for construction. 

The intersection of the new Street at Dufferin Street would be just north of the planned upgraded Dufferin Street bridge across the Gardiner Expressway and rail corridor. It is recommended that this new intersection be signalized.

A 30 metre parking lay-by would be provided west of Atlantic Avenue to organize passenger pick-up/drop-offs for the GO Station. The recommended design does not accommodate on-street parking, as stakeholders and City staff preferred this space being dedicated for a pedestrian/cyclist link and landscaping.  Local parking may also be accommodated through garage space provided by potential new developments.

The pictures below show typical roadway components for the preferred design. The first picture shows the road west of Fraser Avenue where a 15.0 metre right-of-way (ROW) is available.


The second picture below shows a cross section between Atlantic Avenue and Pirandello Street which has a right-of-way (ROW) greater than 15.0 metres.

See description of street at top

Other elements proposed include bleacher-style seating located in select areas between the new street and rail corridor as shown in the image below.

See description above

Further, there is also an opportunity to create new public open space located north of the new street in front of 9 Hanna Avenue as shown below. The space would be proposed to contain a mix of open space and public seating.

See description above

The location for these public open space features is proposed north of the new street because it is closer to the community and cyclists and pedestrians will not need to cross the new street to get to them.

The intersection of the new street at Strachan Avenue will operate as a right-in/right-out. Left turns will be prohibited because the changes in grade to the south limit necessary sightlines.

Cyclists travelling on the west side of Strachan Avenue will have full access to/from the multi-use trail.  Shared lanes (bike sharrows) are recommended on Pirandello Street between the new street and East Liberty Street, ultimately connecting to Strachan Avenue along East Liberty Street.


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  1. Jessica - May 11, 2016 Reply

    I live in building 65 on East Liberty Street. What impact will the new street have on residents facing southwest? I’m slightly concerned about potential noise as it is already quite noisey due to the GO train lines and highway. Pirandello is also used as a pick up/drop off location for persons living in building 65 as there is no other pick up/drop off location. Will this still be allowed?

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