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The past two decades in Liberty Village has been about re-defining the neighbourhood as a hub for creative industry and as a residential go-to for condo buyers. Liberty Village now boasts a strong population of millennials supporting the commercial and residential developments that continue to dominate the region. CanAlfa has played a prominent role in growing the portfolio of residential developments that continue to bring in residents from all over Toronto and abroad.

One of the busiest spots for construction now is just west of the Strachan and East Liberty intersection. Phase 1 of CanAlfa Group’s Liberty Central by the Lake was completed at 51 East Liberty Street and added an attractive condo building to the streetscape. The success of CanAlfa’s development here has allowed the group to begin development on Liberty Central 2, the second phase which is set to be installed at 49 East Liberty Street. While the first phase currently stands at 25 storeys high, the second phase will rise to 27 storeys and will connect the podium levels of the existing tower in a truly impressive Liberty Village condo development design.

Context of 39 East Liberty, outlined in black, image retrieved from submission to City of Toronto

Perhaps the most impressive of all the residential project developments from CanAlfa is the proposed use of the Strachan and East Liberty corner. Currently it sits vacant. CanAlfa is presently in the planning stages of re-developing this corner to erect a 32-storey rental tower at 39 East Liberty Street. Complete with this residential development will be a private north-south road, separating it from its other by-the-Lake relatives. There will also be a combined 774 sq. metres of public indoor and outdoor amenity spaces. The 39 East Liberty Street development alone will add approximately 387 rental units to Liberty Village – split between 33 studios, 238 one-bedrooms, 77 two-bedrooms, and 39 three-bedroom units.

This residential development is also set to include three levels of underground parking, providing 233 parking spaces and 427 bicycle spaces.

Across the street at the northwest corner of Strachan and East Liberty Street, CanAlfa has announced plans to develop a residential tower matching its sibling tower to the south. The recently revised proposal has pegged this development at 19 Western Battery to contain 454 residential units spread across thirty-five storeys.

Site of 39 East Liberty and surrounding context, image retrieved from submission to City of Toronto

As it relates to what exactly these buildings will look like, expect them to match existing CanAlfa condo developments. Common features are expected to include a mix of window wall panels and spandrel glazing, mullion caps and slab edge pans, and glass balcony guards.

As the lakefront in Liberty Village continues to gradually fill out with developments along East Liberty Street, CanAlfa continues to move along with increasing influence in the city’s west end. Some say that it was the CanAlfa Group that was among the most important influences in re-developing Liberty Village to become the mix of parks, chic restaurants, and vibrancy that it is today.

CanAlfa’s residential developments in Liberty Village have always aimed to attract diverse demographics and to accommodate a mix of income levels in its buildings. This is expected to continue in the years to come as they continue to fill out the neighbourhood with more planned residential developments. Though it is far from fully developed today, the work being done by CanAlfa, some have predicted, will make the neighbourhood among the most coveted real estate in all of the city. The Liberty Towers, Bliss Condos, Liberty Place, and the townhomes found here are all examples of CanAlfa’s work.

The evolution of Liberty Village has brought with it many advantages. The large mix of different residential spaces has helped to feed the neighbourhood’s commercial and retail development, adding to the growing arts and design community already found here. Professionals in media, high-tech, and design are just some of the renters and condo owners who have moved into Liberty Village. The gritty industrialism of its past still remains in some corners though the distinctly urban feel that now dominates many of its streets is a strong reminder of things to come. The role that CanAlfa will continue to play in shaping the landscape of the region is one that shouldn’t go unnoticed, as the group continues its work in the next few years on the next phases of development.

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  1. John - August 9, 2017 Reply

    wall window panels are so stupid! they make the building look older and cheaper. The first 3 western battery condos with green wall window panels look over 20 years old for crying out loud! by far the ugliest buildings in Liberty. 51 East Liberty is by far the best looking condo in all of Liberty.

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