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There is no better time than now! Nearly everyone and every business love to receive feedback and compliments on the great jobs they are doing. And there is no better way than by leaving a review or nominating a company or individual for an award. We share some awesome ways and channels that customers can acknowledge the outstanding work and service of their favourite establishments.


NOW Reader’s Choice Awards

The annual NOW Reader’s Choice Awards is an awards system based purely on votes from readers and customers. Logo courtesy of

The NOW Reader’s Choice Best of Toronto Awards has been an annual program running for over 20 years. Nominations are open and accepted until June 30th, 2017. The voting then begins on July 20th, 2017 and will be available for a few weeks. Winners are announced later in the fall. There are 187 categories, divided into 6 sections which include: Cityscape, Shopping & Services, Food & Drink, Art & Book, Music and Film & Stage. Go ahead, and start nominating!

Urban Toronto Hero Awards

Tailored more towards individuals that have made a positive impact, the Urban Hero Awards is a fantastic initiative to give recognition. It is a program that is being launched in conjunction with Canada’s 150th anniversary, notes the official website. There are 8 categories which include: Art, Business, Education, Environment, Good Neighbour, Health, Social Issues and Sports. There are so many deserving individuals in Liberty Village. Take a moment and nominate that special person! Take note that the deadline is June 11th, 2017.


Let a business know how much you value and appreciate their service! Photo taken by Goran Petkovski.

Many customers try new businesses based off of the reviews that are left by other clients, outlining experiences and details. So many customers are too quick to leave negative comments, but if you have received excellent service somewhere, that should also be mentioned. While there are many platforms out there to leave reviews, we outline two high authority methods which are Google and Facebook.

Google Reviews

A local favourite here in Liberty Village, Ciao Europe has an impressive 4.9 star rating, thanks to 35 reviews left!

According to, Google is the most widely used and popular web browser. When a user “googles” the name of a business, that business’s profile appears (when on a desktop, it is the right hand side). The more reviews that are left, the better it is for the business (and for the trust of future customers). Help your favourite business achieve the highest star rating possible! To leave a review, simply select the highlighted word “Reviews” underneath the name of the business and start typing!

Facebook Reviews

Help a business achieve the highest possible star rating on Facebook.

With more than 50 million businesses using Facebook Pages (according to, it only makes sense that businesses should value the reviews left here. Similar to Google reviews, the average rating for a business’s reviews are quite prominent on their page. Facebook is a very influential marketing tool for both customers and businesses, helping people shape opinions and decision. It shouldn’t take long, so give a shout out to that amazing local eatery or favourite business.

Good people know good people and businesses. Don’t delay, and make a business’s day, month or even year by leaving a positive comment or nominating them for an award.

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