Growing Families Finally Considered For Liberty Village

 One topic of concern for Liberty Village residents is we may not be building sufficient infrastructure and amenities to accommodate families who want to stay and raise their kids in the area.   Some people question whether they can raise a family in a neighbourhood like Liberty Village.

Sam Crignano, President of Cityzen Developments, has recently contributed a blog article regarding their upcoming 30 Ordnance Street condo and mixed-use commercial project.

Sam explains that his project will seek to include amenities for Liberty Village families:

“I think we’re seeing communities like Liberty Village mature. The young people who bought there years ago are now having children. Including amenities for children at 30 Ordnance is something that’s top of mind for us. If there’s anything missing from the area it’s that.”

“The housing forms are there. You have three bedroom townhomes in Liberty Village but the amenities that make it a viable option for raising a family are missing. We’d like to meet that requirement by adding some of those amenities. For example, we’re considering adding a private school and we’ve seen support for the idea.”

“In future phases of the project I think we’ll continue to see young, urban purchasers moving in, but more of them will be parents who are determined to raise their children in the city.”

Sam Crignano indicates that he can’t say too much at this point, but that Cityzen hopes to further details before the end of 2012.

Do you agree with Sam Crignano’s comments?  Do you want to raise a family in Liberty Village?  What types of family-friendly amenities do you want to see in the 30 Ordnance project?

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4 Comments on Growing Families Finally Considered For Liberty Village

  1. nokidsallowed // November 7, 2012 at 3:07 pm // Reply

    if i wanted to live in a neighbourhood populated with children, i would have stayed in the suburbs or north of the city.

    my plan was to move out of downtown when i get married. i don’t intend on having my children play on busy intersections. it’s just not safe overall. where will they play street hockey??

  2. The last thing Liberty Village needs is more condo’s going up. I would love to see a school on 30 Ordnance along with a recreation center. After school programs with arts and physical health being the focus.

    There’s no need to move away to raise your children. If you want to, you have that choice, but there’s lots of people who have raised good kids downtown.

  3. Has no one noticed the increase of strollers in LV?
    It is inevitable of any development to mature.
    Life changes and circumstances do as well.
    There ARE families living in Liberty Village no just young professionals, high schoolers, or
    poser hipsters.
    Families start out in LV but don’t stay. But that could soon change.
    Downtown Toronto has the fastest growing baby population! It is a
    Noticeable and true fact. Young sexy downtowners are pro creating
    Faster than a condo can go up and the appropriate need for resources to be in place to support that.
    The no kid population in LV will survive! Just suck on your pacifier!

  4. I agree that no more highrise condos need to go up in Liberty Village/other side of Strachen. I currently live in LV and would love to live here (in a larger town house) once I have a family. I would love to see a private/non religious school go in, day care, rec centre, etc. I would also like these things to be done with the older buildings of LV that hold our history. I am horrified at every proposal to knock down a beautiful brick building and throw up a high rise. Let’s keep the skies free to see the sun, hold on to green space that is clean from dog poo, and make Liberty a destination people feel safe and relaxed in.

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