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As springtime is just hitting us in Toronto, you may find more opportunity to get outside and enjoy some of the sunshine. Those are the days that we all like to think about and talk about, but that said, there are other days where the rain, clouds, and/or laziness sets in.

Thanks to a new 24-hour junk food delivery service in Toronto, those lazy days in Liberty Village just got a heck of a lot better. To get junk food, no more do you don’t need to switch out those PJs and get shoes on. Instead, order through FryDayBox and have the delivery arrive at your front door within the hour. Though not every day is a ‘junk food day’, when it is, having this app ready to tap into is not such a bad plan. Be it chocolate, chips, Coca-Cola, pop tarts, pizza, gummy candies, or anything else you might think of getting up for, you can probably find it on FryDayBox.

Let’s say it’s the middle of the afternoon and you’re midway through binging your favourite TV show. There’s no need to get out the door for snacks, just try FryDayBox. For when you’re having fun with friends and you don’t want to break up the vibes sneaking away for snacks, FryDayBox works.

All you need to do is download the app to your smartphone and then tap into it whenever you need a little something-something. The 24-hour delivery service means even if it’s 4 am in the morning, anything you see on the FryDayBox menu you can get. In Liberty Village at that hour, there’s barely anything open and not much to do. FryDayBox is a great way to get some food down to your place without having to leave the condo. The app aims for delivery within a half hour.

Having just launched in early February, this 24-hour junk food delivery app is still pretty new. Toronto-based, it serves most of the City including Liberty Village so even if you’re at a friend’s place outside the neighborhood, there shouldn’t be any trouble using FryDayBox there either.

And let’s say pre-packaged stuff is not your thing and you’re not really into the idea of candy, cookies, ice cream, or drinks, that’s not all FryDayBox has. A user can buy fresh-cooked dinners like chicken nuggets, and even search out Tylenol, iPhone chargers, and more.

Naturally, you might think that prices on an app like this are going to be higher than normal. Surprisingly, that isn’t the case which may be, in part, why it’s winning fans across the west end. Believe it or not, in certain cases, some FryDayBox users have even reported some items being less expensive than they were at their local convenience or grocery store.

So it’s sort of like having one’s own personal convenience store accessible anytime by smartphone. Don’t worry about having to make it down before they close or anything. Though FryDayBox is being promoted as a ‘junk food delivery app’, the amount of additional stuff it has warrants a look for almost any household in Liberty Village. In thirty-five minutes or less, get anything off the menu. Just register online through the FryDayBox website, UberEats, or Foodora. From there, just put in your order and wait – that’s it.

The next time that you’re aching for some ice cream, a chocolate bar, or some chips, even if there’s nothing open around you, FryDayBox is an easy way to get what you need to make it through the day or night. If you’re in Liberty Village, Parkdale, Trinity Bellwoods, or essentially anywhere between Lakeshore and St. Clair or from Keele to Bathurst, FryDayBox services these areas. For those late nights in Liberty Village when you can’t find anything to indulge your appetite, hopefully exploring FryDayBox provides some options!

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