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All good things must come to an end it seems. Could it also be a sign that times are changing? Recently, Liberty Village bid adieu to a long time staple coffee shop, The Roastery.

An Old Favourite

A note broke the news to customers of The Roastery that they had closed.

A heartfelt note broke the news to customers, posted on the main door to the eatery and cafe. For 21 years, The Roastery called 8 Pardee Ave in Liberty Village its home, with a quirky storefront nestled between Zoomerplex and Kobo Books. The building certainly has shown its age but also held a certain charm that people have come to love and recognize. Many companies loved The Roastery for event catering and as a meeting spot. People heading to and from the neighbourhood, would stop by to try many of the different flavoured coffees and assorted pastries. Currently, there are not as many options on the west side of the area to fulfil these simple needs. Many long-standing amazing relationships were built with the staff and customers and it’s these type of relationships that have the power to make someone’s day or change the mood of their day for the better!

The Roastery will still continue to operate its one other remaining location at 401 Richmond St W.

New Era for Liberty Village?

The Rosatery is not the only business that we have seen pack up and leave in recent times. Some longtime businesses have been inadvertently pushed out it seems. Suzanne Gardner Flowers, Casa Life and The Golden Apple are recent stores to have closed up or are in the process of, due to new developments being built. Long gone are the days of the gritty, abandoned buildings and sketchy undertone of the neighbourhood that also gave the area it’s unique charisma. Creativity and new businesses have moved into Liberty Village taking on new forms. Many of the businesses that have left have chosen not to relocate within  Liberty Village whether it be for taking their ventures in new directions, downsizing their operations or having decided to move on.

What’s Next for 8 Pardee?

The former home of The Roastery had a fun and eclectic interior with a patio that was enjoyed in the warmer months of the year. Who will take over? What will it become? There are currently no applications submitted to the City of Toronto for a redevelopment of this building, so would it be safe to assume that perhaps another food establishment could one day call this home?

All photos taken by Meg Marshall.

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