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We should consider ourselves very fortunate here in Liberty Village.  We have close and easy access to some of the best medical facilities in all of Toronto. The following are some notable and new health care options for all of your health care needs:

East Liberty Medical Centre

The East Liberty Medical Centre is located just south of King on the east side of Strachan and is our local Walk-In Clinic. Not only that, the wait times are generally very short and the care is excellent and attentive. Along with the general walk-in services, the clinic also offers cardiology services, sports rehab, relaxation services (massage) and naturopathic medicine.

The clinic is open Monday – Friday: 8AM – 8PM; Saturday hours can vary and it is best to call ahead.

Village Family Health Team

The Village Family Health Team opened its doors in 2012 on the East Liberty St side of the Liberty Market Building and all of its doctors are currently accepting new patients. The Village FHT is not a walk-in clinic but it does use a team approach to provide services by family physicians, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, clinical pharmacists, social workers and registered dietitians. All of these medical  professionals work under one roof from the new state-of-the-art facility right here in Liberty Village.

Balance Integrated Healthcare

Located on the west-side of the Liberty Market Building, Balance Integrated Healthcare is is a modern healthcare clinic which offers a wide array of naturopathic and holistic health services including chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage and many other forms of healing.  They  promote balance within all levels of the human experience and provide positive choices and creative options for achieving optimal health. Certainly worth a visit if you have a sore back!

On The Mark-It

On The Mark-It is a Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, and Sports injury clinic located within the Liberty Market Building. With services that include sports medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic care, osteopathy and massage therapy, On The Mark-It can ail all of those sports injuries you have been carrying around for all of those years.

Arch Liberty Village Dental

 Alright people, let’s not forget those teeth! Dental health is an extremely important and often neglected part of overall health and we have a few great options here in Liberty Village. Arch Liberty Village Dental is a dental clinic within the Shops of King Liberty where it offers a comprehensive list of family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services including general dentistry services, as well as specialized services, such as implant dentistry, dental veneers, professional teeth whitening, and more. So now you really have no excuse not to see a dentist regularly!


Clearly we have some great choices available for total body health. We truly are very fortunate.

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