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Liberty Village has grown significantly in the last decade. Since 2011, its population has more than doubled and continues to grow at a rate that exceeds those in other parts of the city.

If you would have said two or three decades ago that Liberty Village was going to grow to be one of Toronto’s hotbeds of activity, no one would have believed you. At that time, still very much an industrial and a low-income area, Liberty Village was an underground hub of artists and Torontonians who were excluded from the downtown culture. Since the late 1990s, Liberty Village has created its own culture and it’s one that is attracting more people than ever.

So why has Liberty Village’s population grown so much? Well, there are a lot of advantages to being here. First, it’s a great combination of affordable and luxurious condo units and other residential spaces. The commercial small business community is thriving, having attracted a mix of corporate retail, Canadian marketing giants, music and film companies, and dominating Canadian brands. As a young professional living in Toronto, Liberty Village promises a great quality of life with a healthy home-work balance.

As a neighborhood location, Liberty Village is also very well set up in Toronto’s west end. It’s right along the King West trajectory into Toronto’s downtown core for all the nightlife, entertainment, music, sports, and cultural activities. The community is also close by the Gardiner and other roadways that allow for drivers to get across the city easily. Liberty Village is also somewhat isolated in its street design, which adds a bit more privacy for those who live here.

Lastly, the residential and commercial development in Liberty Village remains strong. Commercial re-development is ongoing and continues to bring in more companies who may not otherwise have the real estate to exist in the city. There are still a handful of condo developments in various stages across Liberty Village and the surrounding region which will bring in further population growth. The City of Toronto also has several developments planned for the west end, including a walkway moving over the train tracks to help connect Liberty Village to Queen West.

And for these reasons, Liberty Village is one of Toronto’s fastest growing neighbourhoods, boasting a five-year growth rate between 2011 and 2016 of 175 percent. The great thing is that Liberty Village has grown even more since 2016 and is only continuing to get bigger.

Very few neighbourhoods in Toronto can match all of the planning and effort that has been invested into making Liberty Village what it is today. Attracting students, young professionals, and young families, the formerly industrial hub of Toronto’s west end has now become a go-to consideration for anyone considering a move to the city.

If you’re looking for a place to live or a neighbourhood to settle down into, Liberty Village has got a lot going for it. The residential units are very nice, the businesses add lots of convenience and many job opportunities, and there is always something to do. We should also mentioned that there is a lot of solid real estate investment opportunities in Liberty Village that are sure to entice buyers from all backgrounds. Instead of living far and away from the city, Liberty Village is a community where you can have it all.

When the fast expanding neighborhood’s population is measured next, we expect to see similar growth.. if not higher numbers as more Torontonians are welcomed in.

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