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In Liberty Village, you’ll find many healthy eateries and plenty of fitness options. As the fitness culture in Toronto continues to grow significantly, the Goodlife Fitness brand is in common association. Perhaps more than any other gym in Toronto, Goodlife is the city’s biggest with thousands of members and locations spread across the GTA. In Liberty Village, Goodlife is among the most popular gyms in the area. That said, it’s not the only fitness brand making waves in the community. Fast on its heels, F45 might be an alternative worth checking out.

If you’ve been to Goodlife and are a little tired with the way they do business, F45 Training is an example of what’s out there as an alternative. F45 is a studio dedicated to 45-minute group classes. It builds community, provides workout partners should you decide you want any, and is growing in popularity not only in Canada but worldwide as well. F45 is an Australian-based brand that opened up its first Canadian studio ever in Liberty Village in 2015. When jumping into an F45 Training class, you’ll immediately notice the heart rate monitors, TV instruction, custom playlists beign broadcasted from Australia, and strong branding. Classes like ‘Hollywood’ have gained a reputation for being quite the challenge.

A lot of the attraction to F45 has been from how different it is in comparison with Goodlife. If your style is to hit the gym and follow your own routine, F45 might not necessarily be for you. After all, it’s not really that kind of gym. What it does do though is that it’s an unmistakable experience that any fitness enthusiast might see as a welcome challenge. Mixing in the training style with the technology and the music, many Liberty Village residents who are regular attendees have commented on how addictive it is. Also, if you’ve lacked motivation in the past to keep going to the gym, F45 is a great way to meet others passionate about fitness, hopefully providing more reason to go.

F45 Training is not for those on a budget though. The average F45 membership is $60 to $80 weekly. Though the price tag ain’t cheap, what you get is something different, dynamic, and challenging. If you’ve never done a group workout before, F45 is a great place to start.

F45 is just one of the several fitness brands in the greater Liberty Village region. The great thing about the proliferation of fitness culture in Liberty Village is that there’s no one defined gym experience that all have to adhere to. If you want individualized training, free weights, machines, cardio mixes, group training, yoga, zumba, endurance training, or something else, you can find it in Liberty Village. Today’s gyms don’t have to be just rooms with big weights in it and bunch of heavy-lifters.

The Goodlife Fitness brand is not going to fade anytime soon. After all, with more than 300 locations Canada-wide, its’ growth is undeniable. Goodlife’s Liberty Village location is also one of the highest rated in the city. Comparatively though, F45 is no slouch. The Australian-based F45 now has more than 200 locations worldwide, including eleven gyms across Toronto alone. F45 provides a Liberty Village alternative that a lot of former Goodlife members have found to be a lot more enjoyable. Incorporating technology, music, and competition, studios like F45 are offering fun you won’t find anywhere else. So if you’re living in Liberty Village and aren’t really enjoying the Goodlife vibes, keep F45 Training in mind!

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