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Imagine living in a place where you could enjoy many of life’s comforts and conveniences, practically right outside your door. That is the philosophy upon which many of Liberty Village condos are being built, allowing families and working professionals to gain access to amenities closer than ever before.

The ways in which condo amenities in Liberty Village have developed in the past decade has been according to the tastes and interests of the tenants that have moved in – many of which, more and more, are families. Long it has been assumed that condos were primarily occupied by professional couples and that still rings true for most buildings. Many however are beginning to accommodate the growing condo market by offering family-friendly amenities resulting in more and more families eagerly taking up these pieces of real estate.

The basketball court at the Liberty Market Lofts.
The basketball court at the Liberty Market Lofts.

The neighborhood of Liberty Village in downtown Toronto is seeing a change, fastly becoming a very accommodating area to families with many luxurious choices. With more and more growing families staying in or moving into Liberty Village condos, the nature of the amenities being offered are beginning to change – in a very good way.

Many modern parents living in Toronto are concerned about whether their children are safe and brought up with every chance of a full childhood. Additionally, many people have ‘green living’ on their minds. Countless Toronto citizens have to commute a minimum of an hour to work and back every day, and/or drive their children to various activities. The ways in which these amenities have been developing within Liberty Village, residents in the neighborhood drive less because resources are nearby. Condominiums have been filling out, offering more community, activity and the opportunity for interaction.

Liberty Village Toronto - 75 East Liberty Pool
The pool/hot tub in the King West Condominiums complex.

These condo developments have been designed with the future in mind, appealing to residents from all backgrounds. What all of these amenities have amounted to, perhaps negatively for some, is a rise in cost. Certainly, there are examples across the city where the cost of these condos are $1,000,000 and up. The bigger the building, living space and amount of amenities, the higher the price. Within Liberty Village, there are a mix of luxury condos next to more affordable condos, all depending on what a property owner might be able to afford. Budget is still very important, no matter where one lives in the city. For example, for individuals living in condos within Liberty Village, around half of their budget for the year is oftentimes spent on non-discretionary expenses – a discretionary expense being a cost which is not essential for the operation of a home or a business.

Despite the growing costs of condo ownership in Liberty Village, the exact budget for amenities may not be as high as one would assume. There are several examples throughout Toronto where a condo owner pays as much or as little as $725 monthly in condo fees for a 1,000+ sq. ft. unit. Ultimately, if you have enough money to be able to afford a condo in Liberty Village, you more than likely have enough to have your cake and eat it, too. For many families, this is already a reality.

The Liberty Village Park Playground.
The Liberty Village Park Playground.

Think of condo amenities as a city within a city, giving a resident the opportunity to enjoy special attractions within the confines of their own building or nearby living space. The amenities to these spaces are dependent not just upon affordability but also location and demographic. There has already been trends established in Toronto as well of amenities leaning towards sustainability initiatives and self-sufficiency, with vegetable gardens and environmentally friendly spaces being used. As we leave this decade and head into the next, there’s no reason not to think further family friendly condo amenities will become present.

There are a multitude of different options for future Liberty Village condo amenity development. The neighborhood is well on its way to offering a different way of life for the families, working professionals, and retirees that call Liberty Village home.

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