King-Liberty Bridge Not Happening Any Time Soon

For those of you itching for the much needed pedestrian bridge planned to connect Western Battery Rd and Douro St, you can expect a longer wait. Our February 2014 update shared the news that we could expect construction to start as early as this year, however, we now know that this will not be the case.

Alex S. shared a message (with the LVRA) from City Councillor Mike Layton’s office:

…our office was originally advised that preliminary work and design was scheduled to be undertaken and completed in 2015 with construction to start in 2016.

However, earlier this year we were informed that design work was delayed as staff in the Engineering and Construction Services division expressed some concerns with the use of unsupervised elevators which were recommended in the Environmental Assessment for the bridge endorsed by Council.

Since then Transportation Services staff, along with Engineering and Construction Services staff, have investigated the operation and maintenance considerations associated with the elevators and are satisfied that their inclusion in the design is appropriate. This means that the detailed designs are now moving forward and we will soon have a more clear schedule for completion of the bridge.

With that said, detailed designs will take a number of months (staff are anticipating 18 months), so it is not likely that the bridge will be completed in 2016. The completion of the detailed design for the bridge is further complicated by the need to complete geotechnical studies within the rail corridor, which can only be undertaken during specific windows of time that trains are not running.

Councillor Layton has since been in touch with the Manager of Bridges, Structures, and Expressways in the Engineering and Construction Services division and stressed the need for the bridge to be built in the fastest possible timeframe.

In any case, City staff fully understand the urgency of this and have advised that they will do their best to deliver the bridge as quickly as possible. Councillor Layton and I will be following up on this regularly and I am happy to provide an update as soon as I receive one.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to be in touch should there be anything further that I can assist with.”

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  1. Unsupervised elevators? They require supervision? Do they mean like the unsupervised elevators at most TTC stations and airports? How would elevators pose an environmental concern, please help me understand? This is a classic example of wasted time and money by bureaucrats trying to justify their existence. Shame.

  2. This is crazy.. we should lobby outside Queens Park just like the Taxi drivers are doing. This bridge needs to be built, someone in council should be scratching their heads thinking “why wasn’t this done 5 years ago”.

    Shame is right.

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