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It has been a long time coming, but we are very excited to announce that Liberty Organic has now officially opened for the Liberty Village community. December 29th was when their doors welcomed their first customers. We were treated to a sampling of their hospitality and love for our neighbourhood when they hosted the Garden Centre this past spring and early summer.

The Wait is Over

We love the fresh produce, like these beautiful peppers, found inside Liberty Organic. Photo Credit to Meg Marshall.

We first noticed the subtle presence of Liberty Organic when we saw signs in the windows of the space they were going to occupy, in early spring. Liberty Organic was created by Andy Lentile, who has previous floral, produce, grocer and entrepreneurial experience. Andy had some great ideas for the space, but they take time to see them all come to fruition. Sometimes we have to wait for a good thing. Due to construction delays, the opening date was pushed back. The initial date of opening was set for July and then Thanksgiving. But we are very happy to have them here in Liberty Village.

Attention to Detail

We love the creativity that can be found in the store, like the glowing neon sign. Photo credit to Meg Marshall.


Organic has made it fun for all ages to shop. Make sure to grab a Kiddie Buggy for your little one. Photo credit to Meg Marshall

When you step inside the store, take note of the cool elements that have been added to the ambience. A cool industrial feel can be felt. Street graffiti adorns the back walls. A custom neon sign reading the store’s name glows above the fresh floral wall near the entrance. The copper “LV” that hangs above the salad bar was lovingly made and crafted by Andy himself. Customers of any age are welcomed into the store, as Kiddie sized shopping carts are available. What is your favourite aspect?

Services Provided

Fill your bag with delicious foods from Liberty Organic after a workout or a long day at work. Photo credit to Meg Marshall.

Liberty Organic is so much more than a grocery store. Yes, they offer the traditional cash and carry service, but have other great things too. Passing through after work? Then grab some take away meals from their “Hot Table”. Just finishing a workout? Grab a prepared salad or make their own from their “Salad Bar”. Liberty Organic is a meeting place and is open 7 days a week. See something that should be added or modified? The team at the store are very welcoming of ideas and feedback.

It’s All in the Family

It’s all love here. Mother/brother/son teamwork here at Liberty Organic. Shown here is Phyllis and her son Nunzio. Photo credit to Meg Marshall.


The man behind it all – Andy! Photo credit to Meg Marshall.

If you haven’t met Andy, you soon will. He is very hands-on with Liberty Organic and takes a lot of great pride and care with everything. Smiling behind the register is his lovely sister, Phyllis. And working at the back of the store and sometimes helping out where needed on the floor is the friendly Nunzio. He is the son of Phyllis and the nephew of Andy. The staff headcount remains around 10 people and they plan to keep the team close to maintain the family-friendly vibe.

When you have a chance in the next little while, be sure to stop by Liberty Organic. We can’t wait to see what else they have planned!

Find Liberty Organics in the Liberty Market Galleria at 122-171 East Liberty St.

Meg Marshall

A city gal at heart but with a soft spot for the country. If not out shopping for the next coveted fashion piece or checking out one of Toronto's delicious eateries, Meg can be found riding her horses.

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