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Hurray, 2018 is here! And many of us probably made the traditional New Year’s resolution. But what if we changed things up a bit and made new solutions instead? We will explain.

New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Stick

Let’s be honest, not many of us stuck to our resolutions for 2017, right? In fact, the Huffington Post reported that only 8 percent of people keep those promises. If we were to gamble, would you put your money on something that had a 92% failure rate? We didn’t think so. Perhaps it is out of comfort and ease that we decide to make resolutions and because that is what others do. The top 5 most common resolutions of 2017, according to Harpers Bazaar were:

  1. Diet, exercise and weight loss
  2. Read more
  3. Learn something new
  4. Save money
  5. Be nicer, kinder and more patient

New Year Solutions

Rethinking the way we approach New Year’s Resolutions may lead to a better success rate for everyone. Photo credit to Jonathan Simcoe.

The concept of New Year Solutions isn’t really rocket science, rather a way to help us change unwanted behaviours. The first step is to identify the challenge or problem. Maybe it is chronic tardiness or to not be as lazy. The solution to chronic lateness may be to set your clocks ahead by 15 minutes and to trick your brain into thinking it is earlier than it really is versus a new year’s resolution of always being on time. And to reduce laziness, the solution may be to join a weekly physical activity with a friend rather than going to the gym every day. It is really about a change in perspective at how we look at these goals and setting ourselves up for success.

Liberty Village Businesses to Help with Solutions

Gyms and Fitness

Yoga is a great way to stay fit. Try a class at Pure Yoga Toronto. Photo credit to Meg Marshall.

Since we already know that a common solution for many people is to add fitness and gym time into their schedules, We have a few facilities just steps away:

Healthy Eating

It feels good to have healthy meals and snacks. Liberty Organic offers delicious smoothies as just one of their menu offerings. Photo by Meg Marshall.

Who doesn’t want to eat healthier? Lucky for us, here in Liberty Village, we have a plethora of healthy and organic restaurants, eateries and grocers!

Giving Back

In a world of constant consumerism, it is always nice and fulfilling to take a step back and give back to those in need or to volunteer time and energy to a worthy cause. When was the last time you did that? There are a couple great not-for-profits based here in Liberty Village.

Liberty Village Cares

Founded by Jagger Long who has a huge heart, this organization holds a few fundraisers and events throughout the year. Most notably, they have been able to provide Sunday dinners to the residents of Strachan House. With a mixture of food, financial and time donations from businesses and individuals in the community, Liberty Village Cares makes such a positive impact.

They are a community resource in the Parkdale and Liberty Village areas but also serve far beyond these neighbourhoods for adults who want to improve their literacy skills. Many of their guests are new Canadians or adults who need to increase their literacy for better employment opportunities and to boost confidence. As a not-for-profit, they rely on donations, sponsorships and volunteers to be able to provide their amazing resources. Consider getting involved with this fantastic organization.

Cheers to 2018 and to all of us creating new year solutions!

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Meg Marshall
A city gal at heart but with a soft spot for the country. If not out shopping for the next coveted fashion piece or checking out one of Toronto's delicious eateries, Meg can be found riding her horses.

Meg Marshall

A city gal at heart but with a soft spot for the country. If not out shopping for the next coveted fashion piece or checking out one of Toronto's delicious eateries, Meg can be found riding her horses.

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