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If you’re new to Liberty Village, community events like the Liberty Village Dram Fest is a great opportunity to get out there and meet other locals living in the trendy Toronto neighbourhood.

Liberty Village Dram Fest promises good times with friends and a mix of different scotches to try. ‘Dram’ means a small drink of whiskey or other spirits. If you want to sip some new drinks that you normally may not try, the Liberty Village Dram Fest is the perfect occasion for that. 

Thursday, November 15, 2018 from 7 pm to 9:30 pm, visit 3 Brewers’ top floor which has been reserved specially for this event. Come out for a great cause and have some fun while you’re at it. Tickets are available today for under $30 per person and all money made from this event will be donated to a local women’s shelter.

If you can’t attend the Dram Fest this week, no worries ‘cause 3 Brewers is open Monday to Sunday. Check out their recommended brews such as the coriander and lemon peel flavoured ‘Carrot’, the Belgian-style wheat beer known as ‘The White’, the classic light beer ‘Blonde’, the Cascade and Amarillo hop IPA, a blend of pale and specialty malts resulting in the caramel-light ‘Amber’, and the chocolate-caramel-coffee mix ‘Brown’.

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