Liberty Village’s Inaugural Terry Fox Community Run

SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 18TH, 2016 – Liberty Village’s Inaugural Terry Fox Community Run

Take a few moments to learn about an amazing initiative and national fundraiser taking place in our community. We got the chance to speak with Jagger Long, the individual spearheading this fantastic event.

Q: Why did you want to create the team for LV? What inspired you to organize a Terry Fox Run in Liberty Village?

A: “After moving to Liberty Village and got settled, I had a vision of starting a community walk/run for charity. I never knew what charity to represent as there are so many, it remained just a vision I had. Last year I ran in the Terry Fox Run hosted by City Place with a handful of Liberty Villagers. On our walk back, I had a convo with a Liberty Villager, Jason Killackey, and said,’Liberty Village is such a cool community, we should have one in Liberty Village next year!’.”

Q: “Why did you so quickly want to host a Terry Fox Run?”

A: “As a little kid, I participated in the very first Terry Fox Run. Growing up in a small town and I actually ran it by himself running from house to house out around my country block. I ran a quarter mile in between houses and randomly showed up knocking on peoples doors asking to collect donations. And when it comes down to it, although there are so many beautiful causes to support and raise awareness for, who’s kidding who, Terry Fox is without question Canada’s greatest hero who represents courage and hope. Plus, my first time making a difference in the world was running the Terry Fox Run as a child, it all made perfect sense to host one.”

Q: Why Do you love LV?

Liberty Village is a unique neighborhood, attracting many people from all over the GTA and beyond.

A: “I really appreciate the way Liberty Village is its own little hub in a corner of downtown Toronto. It is a nice little rectangle and everything is accessible. It reminds me of the small town I grew up in. Over the past year and a half, I have met a lot young, and old,  professionals who also want to give back and be part of the a positive community, and this for me is super inspiring.”

Q: Who is Jagger?

Meet Jagger, the individual who has positively spearheaded the Terry Fox Run for Liberty Village.

A: He has been a youth worker for 20 years, working with homeless and disabled and recently took on a career as a personal trainer. Today he continues to take a group of mentally challenged guys out every weekend and in his spare time, he loves giving back to the community by organizing social events and fundraisers.  Jagger has learned a lot about embracing certain values in life through reading books on Buddhism and Self Empowerment. He believes in Karma  – the more we put back into the world, the more happier we will be, the more meaning our lives will have and that whatever “riches” we desire in life will be given to us as long as we commit to giving back with no reason other than because its the right thing to do. He genuinely believes its our responsibility to make a difference in the world and enjoys spreading this message and inspiring people via social media.  Jagger is also the Visionary Leader of Liberty Village Cares and is very excited to introduce a new platform for Liberty Village CARES in September.

Q: Why participate in the Liberty Village Terry Fox Run?

A: Come out and be part of a new annual tradition in Liberty Village. Its also a  perfect opportunity for you to meet new neighbours, participate in some fitness for the day and raise funds, spread awareness to support cancer research and together, as a caring community, make a difference in the world.

Q: What can participants from the event?

A: To make it a truly encompassing community event, we have incorporated a 3km family stroll and doggie walk, as well as the option to participate in the 5km or 10km run routes. There will be a pre-run yoga warmup led by Sarah Meme, Guest Speakers, live music, snacks, Silent Auction entertainment for kids will  also be happening.

Q: What are your goals for this inaugural run?

A: “We would love to get as many people out to participate and to help spread the awareness of Terry Fox and his hopes and dreams of curing cancer so children don’t have to suffer from this terrible disease. Carry on the tradition right here in our home of Liberty Village and in our lifetime, and see a cure for cancer.”

Q: How can people register or participate?

Get involved and start raising money for an amazing cause.

A: There are a few ways to get involved:

A big thank you to everyone that has shown their initial support. We know this will be an amazing community event bringing many people together and is the starting of a new tradition right here in Liberty Village.

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