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LVT – Midnite Run3

There are many ways to ring in the new year. Dinner. Dancing. Partying. Indulging. Why not try something new like a run? The only New Year’s Eve run that happens in Toronto happens right here in Liberty Village. We got the chance to ask the organizers of the event, Good Times Running, some questions about this incredible and unique endeavour.

Q: What is the Midnite Run?

A: The Midnite Run and Party is the only event of its kind in Canada, an accurately timed 5km run/walk around and through Liberty Village.  The gun goes off exactly at the end of the NYEve countdown.

Q: How long has this event been held for?

A: 2016 marks the 6th anniversary.

Q: Why is it held on NYE?

Participants of the Midnite Run ringing in the NYE. Photo courtesy of Midnite Run Toronto.

A: We copied the successful New York City Midnite Run that takes place in Central Park, now 36 years and “running”.  It’s a great time for anyone to make a new year’s eve resolution goal and to start it at the earliest possible moment!

Q: Out of all neighborhoods in Toronto, what is the draw for holding it into Liberty Village?

A: We wanted a venue that was close to the TTC and Go Stations since we attract many runners from out of town and its easy to get in/out of Liberty Village.  Plus the City of Toronto gave us a special permit to stay within Liberty Village and not close any major roads.

Q: What have some of the challenges been with the Midnite Run?

A: One year we were hit with an ice storm 2 days prior and there was no salt in the entire city.  Then another year it was minus 27 with the wind chill, so it made for a very cold night out for Marshalls and Race Crew.  The lead bikes had to be carried through one section of road that was full of snow and ice.

Q: What have been the successes and highlights of the event?

Some participants in action during the run through Liberty Village. Photo courtesy of Midnite Run Toronto.

A: We have generated tremendous media attention from all local print, radio and tv news stations and this year Toronto Life is featuring our event.  Plus we proved all the critics wrong at the City of Toronto Events team by showing that this event was not only possible but necessary and healthy for a city such as Toronto.  Having runners now from over 9 countries, all Canadian provinces and over a dozen US states makes the event feel more cosmopolitan.

Q: How can people register and what can runners expect?

A: Online registration is open now at and all runners and partiers (we sell a separate ticket for just the party) get a high value goodie bag, a runners’ toque or gloves, post event food, free large can of Steamwhistle and Apple Cider, post run bubbly at the finish line, keepsake runner’s bib and a NYEve foam party hat.  Each finisher gets a custom branded finisher medal in the form of a wine stopper.

Q: Any advice for runners to take note of to keep warm?

Regular running shoes are acceptable for the run. Be sure to dress warm and wear lip balm! Photo taken by Meg Marshall.

A: Runners and walkers should wear layered clothing and especially wear those toques and gloves.  Wickered clothing top and bottom and a breathable layer against the skin is a must.  An exterior wind proof shell is perfect as well as thicker than normal socks, shoes can be standard running ones and if there is ice and snow go a little slower and use caution on corners. Temperatures beyond minus ten should consider using vaseline on the face and neck.   Two final words. Lip Balm!

No matter how you spend your New Year’s Eve Liberty Village, please be safe and responsible, Cheers to health and happiness in 2017

Meg Marshall

A city gal at heart but with a soft spot for the country. If not out shopping for the next coveted fashion piece or checking out one of Toronto's delicious eateries, Meg can be found riding her horses.

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