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On Monday, October 15th 2012, the Liberty Village Residents’ Association met and discussed many important issues. One of the issues that has repeatedly come up was the issue of pets in Liberty Village.

More specifically, pets are increasingly an issue in Liberty Village. There is one little tiny piece of park in the centre of the Liberty Village with more a more pets in the area, along with more kids, the potential for tension and potential conflicts between the various user groups in the park is an ongoing matter to be resolved.

The pets run off-leash in the park and conflicts have occurred between parents of young children and down-owners when the dogs enter the playground. Also, some residents who simply want to enjoy the park are nervous about the unpredictability of the dogs’ behaviour.

There will soon be a coordinated effort spearheaded by Councillor Mike Layton’s office to create a positive educational campaign for pet owners as to good conduct regarding pets. Contact Marco at Councillor Layton’s office for more information (416-392-4009).

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  1. Sherry Garcia - October 29, 2012 Reply

    Simple solution – creat an off-leash park out of the park at the corner of Lynn Williams and East Liberty. It is funny that we would spend tens of thousands of dollars on a play area for the handful of children in the ‘hood but do nothing for the hundreds of dog owners. As a childless dog owner in my 40s I happily pay property taxes for schools and parks for children but it would be nice to receive a personal benefit in the form of an off-leash dog park. It would prove that my local government understands and cares about my needs too.

  2. Paul - October 29, 2012 Reply


    There are 2 nearby off-leash dog parks. One at Wellington just east of Strachan, And another at Trinity Bellwoods

    The last thing we need in Liberty village is an off leash dog park. It drives me crazy that people want to own a dog but are too lazy to walk it further than a 1/4 mile radius of their front door. The small park at the corner of East Liberty and Western Battery Road has been torn to shreds by off leash dogs. Do we really want a mud pit in Liberty Village?

    ps. I am a dog owner.

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