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We all love and appreciate Liberty Village as one of the most vibrant, bustling neighbourhoods in downtown Toronto. It is home to some of Toronto’s most popular restaurants, bars and shops. Although, in between all the excitement, sits under-utilized land just waiting to be developed. The question was always, “who would pounce first?”

The “Shops at King Liberty”

Enter First Capital REIT- a “developer, owner and manager of mixed-use real estate throughout Canada’s most densely populated cities”. Just last month, they pounced on the “underdeveloped” site and submitted a rezoning application to redevelop the land below 61 Hanna, 75 Hanna & 120 Lynn Williams. Coining the project “Shops at King Liberty”, they propose a mixed-use development consisting of residential, retail & office spaces.

The Public Park

Most exciting to green-space lovers is the proposal of a brand new Liberty Village focal point- a 12,100 square foot public park. This lush space will sit atop 61 Hanna Ave with a mission to provide an enhanced pedestrian experience and newfound celebration of historic warehouse character. From sculpted planters to oversized canopy trees and planter island seating, we’re getting excited just thinking about the picnics to be had, sports to be played and sun to be soaked.

The Snooker Street Extension

Another notable proposal for the outdoorsy crowd is the “Snooker Street Extension”, featuring a complete street devoted to cyclists, vehicles and pedestrians alike. 

The Urban Plaza

This plaza will be sandwiched between East Liberty and Lynn Williams street and home to the building atop 120 Lynn Williams street. The space continues the cohesive theme of environmental appreciation and will feature an amphitheatre, upgraded paving, large canopy oak trees and sloping pollinator gardens. It promises clear access to lobby and retail entrances, bicycle parking and seating opportunities. 

The Promenade

Last but certainly not least will be a “welcoming” promenade. “The Promenade” plans to connect the public park and “Urban Plaza” with trees, tree planting buffers, pedestrian scale lighting and comfortable seating. It aims to create a safe link from the King streetcar stop to various destinations within Liberty Village. 

The park, promenade and plaza will encourage playful social interaction by incorporating movable seating throughout and a focus on the industrial character of Liberty Village’s surrounding historical buildings. 

The Future of Liberty Village

We are eager and excited to see the finished product of the “Shops of King Liberty”. With redevelopment comes fresh faces, brand new businesses and an abundance of green spaces. We can’t wait for this project to make for an even more vibrant neighborhood.

2020 has been quite the year for all of us. The pandemic has taken up so much of our lives that we haven’t had room to appreciate all that Liberty Village has to offer. Soon, we will have so many more neighborhood spots to make memories and a lot more to be thankful for. 

Let us know what you’re most excited about in the comments below!




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