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Would you enjoy stand-up comedy in Liberty Village? If you said yes, here’s a better question – would you enjoy FREE stand-up comedy in Liberty Village? Liberty Laughs is hosted every Thursday at the Liberty Village Market and Café located at 65 Jefferson Avenue.

Having originally begun in late April, there are presently plans to continue the event throughout the summer. So far, numerous comedians have graced the Liberty Laughs stage including Mark Hughes, Kyle Patan, Moe Ismail, James Jameasy, Daniel Belkin, Hersh Arora, Armin Arbabi, Johnny Rogers, Paul Goneau, Maddy Foley, James Thomison, Andy Argueta, and Jesse Ralph.

For those that haven’t been to one of these Liberty Laughs shows or perhaps if you’ve never been to a stand-up comedy show period, believe us when we say that it could end up being your new favourite thing. Here’s a few reasons you may want to consider stepping out and supporting some local Toronto stand-up comedy in Liberty Village this summer.

  • The atmosphere is upbeat and surreal, unlike anything you’ll experience sitting on the couch and watching the latest Netflix special.
  • You’ll see freedom of expression from people of different backgrounds, belief systems and cultures. You may just come to think about a subject a little differently or at the very least, enjoy a laugh at something unexpected.
  • Comedy is art and can be as amazing to see in person as a great acoustic music performance, art exhibition, spoken word poetry, or interpretive dance. It’s a very supportive community!
  • You will laugh – that’s pretty much a guarantee. There’s a little something for everyone at Liberty Laughs. Laughter is a huge mood booster so on a tough day, it just might be the place to take yourself.
  • It’s free! You literally don’t need to pay any sort of entry fee. It won’t cost you a thing!

Liberty Laughs is probably best tracked online on their official Instagram account @libertylaughscomedy. You can catch up on who’s going to be there and get some background on comedians you may have seen there.

Liberty Laughs is perhaps the neighbourhood’s best kept secret. Drop in at the Market every Thursday at 6:30 PM to be seated for the free Liberty Laughs stand-up comedy show. Please note the show starts at 7 PM and will wrap up by 8:30 PM.

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  1. Julia - August 25, 2020 Reply

    are there outdoor seating options?
    do I need to buy tickets in advance?

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