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Your condo is your happy place and where you feel safe. Sometimes, you just want to fill every nook and cranny with things that make you smile. Whether it be a cozy sofa for cuddling with your loved one or an online gaming station or a dedicated space for work – we understand that there could be challenges with keeping an open atmosphere in a limited space.

We’d like to create a positive living experience for you in Liberty Village. That’s why we’re here to help by sharing these 7 space-saving items from Amazon that are equally stylish and functional.

1. Full Motion TV Wall Mount

If you’re into Netflix and chill moments, here’s a space-saving way to set up your television! Mount your TV on the wall at a perfect angle.

Most TV wall mounts on Amazon are compatible with any wall type – dry walls, wood stud walls, concrete walls, and even brick walls. Flat televisions between 32 inches to 65 inches will surely fit.

Since the full-motion TV wall mount is articulated, it can be angled to face several different areas. This means there is no need to move your furniture around to get the best seat in the house.

2. Magnetic Shelves

Utilizing the space you have to create more room is the essence of space-saving, and this product does exactly that.

These magnetic shelves can be attached to most appliances and metal cabinets and can hold up to 8 lbs—a great way to keep your kitchen countertop clutter-free. You can organize small items on it, such as oils and spices.

It can also keep things organized in other parts of your home, such as the laundry area. Attach it to your laundry washer and create space dedicated for detergents, bleaches, and fabric conditioners.

3. Adjustable Microwave Stand

Although initially designed with microwaves in mind, its uses are certainly not limited to it. You can repurpose this microwave stand to cater to numerous items in your household, such as kettle, Keurig coffee maker, and bread toaster.

These stands can be adjusted horizontally from 40cm to 60cm and can fit many items underneath. It also comes with three removable hooks where you can place your mitts, kitchen towels, or other utensils.

4. Industrial Pipe Shelves

Having more space in the bathroom is something anyone can appreciate. With its polished waterproof retro wood grain and decorated black iron pipes, this pipe shelf adds style and emphasizes convenience.

This product can be mounted on bathroom walls and add more space for your bathroom necessities. Along with the three-level shelves, it also comes with a towel bar, making it practical for any bathroom setup.

5. Convertible Wall Mounted Table

Tables often consume a significant amount of space in a room. However, this innovative space-saving table provides a practical solution.

The main concept for this table is that it can be secured flat on the wall when it’s not in use, creating more floor space when necessary. Additionally, this wall-mounted table comes with a built-in storage space of three small shelves and a medium-sized one at the top. It also has 3 diagonal pockets, which can fit most notebooks and other office supplies.

Due to its spacious and convenient design, this convertible table is also a practical choice for people working from home. Other variations of this table come with a chalkboard on its stand, which can come in handy when you need to quickly jot down a reminder or note a sudden flash idea.

6. Cleaning Equipment Holder Wall Mount

It may often be hard to find a dedicated space for cleaning equipment in your condo. Having this cleaning equipment wall mount helps you establish a proper place to store cleaning items and easily access them when you need a quick cleanup.

Each gripper can support weight up to 4lbs and can be used for handles with a diameter of 2 cm to 2.5 cm – making it ideal for brooms and mops. This wall mount uses adhesion to hold onto most surfaces without damaging them.

7. Magnetic Knife Strip

Keep yourself or your partner safe from unwanted kitchen accidents. This magnetic knife strip helps keep sharp kitchen items, such as knives and scissors, from falling in areas where it can be hazardous.

This item is an excellent alternative for wooden cutlery blocks, as it takes up less space in your kitchen. It is also made from state-of-the-art alloys, ensuring durability and longevity with proper care.

The magnetic strip is versatile and can be used in other parts of your home, such as a tool for storing your keys or even handyman tools.

7 Space-saving Items You Can Buy on Amazon

These are just seven of the space-saving items we’ve chosen from Amazon, but we’re sure that the site has much more to offer. Discover more options that can suit your condo and lifestyle, and then share in the comments if you think we should add it to this list!

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