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Meet Tam Bui. He is the Staff Sergeant for the Community Response Unit for 14 Division. This is the police division that oversees the community of Liberty Village. He spent a few years as part of the homicide squad and welcomes the change to his new department and role. Bui has been a part of the Toronto Police since 2003.  When he is not on duty, he is a loving father and is a huge Raptors fan. 

Bui has a personal connection to Liberty Village.

“Our second home was here in Liberty Village. We chose this neighborhood because it is a downtown ‘city’ neighborhood. I come from a family of graphic designers and the artistic undercurrent of LV is exciting!” – Tam Bui

It is great to know that the members who serve and protect us share the same type of appreciation for the community that we do!

Community Response Unit

We have all seen the mounted police walking the streets of LV (and maybe accidentally stepped in some horse poop?), however the unit Bui is in charge of has more. Various components of the department include:

  • Bike Patrol Officers
  • Neighborhood Resource Officers
  • MCIT Officers (Mobile Crisis Intervention Officers)
  • School Watch Officers

It is great to know what else we can expect from the Community Response Unit and have an understanding of how our community is being protected. From young children receiving visits and learning some basic proper protocols to adults and residents having resources to help relay important information are all key steps to improving the safety or Liberty Village.

Who to Contact

If there is a recurring problem or concern that is not an emergency, then residents are able to call 14 Division or Bui directly. Bui has the ability to dispatch officers to specific community issues. If something is addressed sooner than later, then it will hopefully minimize the impact it has on the rest of the community.  In case of any emergency, always call 9-1-1.

During long weekends, and the December holiday season, a focus (that probably doesn’t come as a surprise) is the R.I.D.E. program.

“I believe it is important for our Community Response Unit officers to forge new partnerships and strengthen existing ones. Most importantly, I believe in a high level of engagement between our officers at 14 [Division] and members of the public”.  – Tam Bui.

To connect with Tam Bui, follow him on Twitter, email him at [email protected] or call him at 416-808-1415.

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