The Best Burger in Liberty Village

Toronto is a few years into burger pandemonium and Liberty Village certainly hasn’t escaped the craze unscathed. Behold some of our favourite spots for a meaty, juicy beef patty on a bun:

Merci Mon Ami, for those in the know, is known to have one of the BEST burgers in Liberty Village….but only on Wednesdays.  With the taste of something that is homemade, this juicy burger is a Wednesday special. Toppings aplenty and a great little bistro setting in a family-run environment.

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen bu rger offering is none other than the MTK (famous around the world – as their menu clearly states). Served with tomato relish and tobacco onions. This is a meaty satisfying burger. Some have even referred to it as intoxicating.

Another popular lunch burger can be found at School Bakery & Cafe. Actually, they have two popular burgers: the Cheese Burger with 7oz of beef with aged cheddar and peppercorn-brandy sauce AND their Bully Burger which offers up  7oz beef with spicy BBQ sauce, Jack Cheese, guacamole, & onion strings. YUM.

We have been hearing good things about the burgers at Williams Landing. They have 4 burgers on the menu (Classic aka Redemption Burger, Veggie Burger and Turkey Burger) but it is the Bliss BBQ Burger that catches our eye. The Bliss BBQ burger contains fresh Beretta Farms ground beef, house-smoked pulled pork, BBQ sauce and gruyere. Need I say more? Not when I have this burger in my mouth.

Perhaps not as gourmet but just as popular are the burgers at some of Liberty Village’s fast food joints. Hero Burger is a chain that set-up shoppe last year. Harvey’s is another. Sure, not Beretta Farms beef nor ground in-house, but these burgers are popular indeed.

Do you have a favourite Liberty Village burger that hasn’t been listed? We will be doing updates so get in touch and let us know!

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  1. Brazen Head has great burgers.

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