The Best Doggie Daycares in Liberty Village

Just as the human population is, the dog population in Liberty Village continues to grow with each passing year. As new condos have gone up and new living spaces are created, many residents come to the neighborhood with a canine companion in tow.

Finding a reputable and convenient doggie daycare in Liberty Village is not so much a challenge as it is a difficult choice to make as more and more pet-sitting businesses have popped up. The following list gives a pretty thorough rundown of the dog daycares in Liberty Village that are held in the highest regard, and provides a glance into some of the options available to dog owners.

Pack of Paws – 105 Jefferson Avenue

Among the more popular doggie daycares in Liberty Village is Pack of Paws. Complete with a number of five-star reviews to its name, your dog will never be happier than it is at Pack of Paws. Though the location is a little on the small side, the staff is highly knowledgeable and always has the interests of their pups in mind. If you’ve just moved to the area and don’t know where to take your dog, particularly if you’re worried about your dog in a daycare, Pack of Paws is a safe bet. Have a visit, see what’s comfortable, and benefit from their accommodating hours.

Dog’s Walking World – 69 Lynn Williams St

Giving a puppy all the TLC that they would ever want, Dog’s Walking World comes highly recommended. Specializing in dog walking and dog boarding, Dog’s Walking World has services that can be customized according to the customer. Professional and affordable, the flexibility of Dog’s Walking World has allowed it to pick up many new customers in the Liberty Village neighborhood. Originally established in 2015, Dog’s Walking World is a newer addition to the neighborhood and well worth a try.

Park 9 Liberty Village – 1071 King Street West

Though it is a little ways east, the Park 9 Liberty Village is a huge get for the neighborhood due to the affordable prices, spacious environment, and the ability to take a peek at the dogs at any time of day via a webcam setup. Park 9 Liberty Village works hard to uphold some of the highest transparency in the dog sitting community, offering dog owners several different options to participate in their dog’s treatment and to supervise their pets while at work or wherever they may be in the world.

Which Doggie Daycare is Best for Me and My Pooch?

If these three names don’t quite satisfy you, there are other alternative doggie daycares in or near Liberty Village including Pup And the City, Liberty Village Doggy Daycare, and Village Dog Pack. Despite having smaller operations, any of these names may prove to be an ideal suit to you and your pup depending on your location in Liberty Village.

Whether you’re taking an extended vacation without your beloved puppy, taking some quiet time to get some stuff done around the house, or are taking a weekend for yourself, a doggie daycare can prove to be a lifesaver. If you’re unsure on where to begin searching for a doggie daycare, start with this list.

Other tips to consider when searching for a doggie daycare in Liberty Village are to ask around for personal referrals from family, friends, and neighbors, to do your own research online, and more importantly than anything else, to get out in the community and visit some of these facilities in person. Getting to know staff, the area, and the services offered a bit better should give you a pretty good idea on where you want to sit your pup for your time away.

It is also worth saying that after you have used one of these doggie daycare businesses, be sure to pay attention to your dog’s behavior afterwards. Take a look for any marks on her body such as bites or severe injuries. After coming home, your dog should be a little tired but not completely exhausted, might be a little stinky but should not reek of urine, and little scratches should be expected but nothing severe.

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