The Top 5 Cafes in Liberty Village

Liberty Village continues to revitalize itself with each year that passes as a variety of restaurants and cafes have made this neighborhood a highly valued community amongst Toronto residents. Through our list of the top 5 cafes in Liberty Village, we hope to highlight some of the hard work that Liberty Village small business owners are doing to put out high quality products and an inviting atmosphere for one and all to enjoy.

photo courtesy of BlogTO

photo courtesy of BlogTO

#1 Louie Craft Coffee
What is consistently rated as one of the best cafes in Liberty Village, Louie Craft Coffee has re-designed its living space to reflect an indie style that has won over numerous residents in the local area. The customer service is consistently rewarded with five star reviews, the lattes are super delicious, and in terms of price, nothing else comes close. For those that are averse to caffeine, the hot chocolate and selection of pastries are sure to provide any person with a tasty option to sit down with. The baguettes with a variety of fillings have also proven to be a big hit with the locals. Free WiFi included.

Balzacs Liberty Village#2 Balzac’s Coffee Roasters
Coming up at a close second is Balzac’s Coffee Roasters, a Liberty Village neighborhood staple since its initial opening just over a decade ago. The ground floor of the Toy Factory Lofts has never had anything like Balzac’s cobble-stone café featuring artisanal snacks, delicious cookies, and house-blend coffee. Some of Balzac’s most recent hits with the Liberty Village crowd has been their carrot cake, the Mariage Freres tea from Paris, France, and their expanded selection of baked goods. This French-style bistro offers an old school look, a high ceiling, and plenty of natural light that are sure to satisfy any Liberty Village café frequenter.

The Roastery Liberty Village#3 The Roastery Coffee Company
There’s no place quite like the Roastery Coffee Company to grab a bite to eat at lunch or to enjoy a morning snack. The long list of options here – the made-to-order sandwiches, burrito bar, soups, and chilies – are popular among the Liberty Village lunch crowd. Its location among several Liberty Village employers means that it’s only a walk away for several residents. Those who have visited the Roastery Coffee Company are rarely disappointed with a solid menu of affordable breakfast and lunch options, an enjoyable atmosphere, and a number of regulars who frequent this space often.

Liberty Village Starbucks#4 Starbucks
There’s not much that can be said about Starbucks that hasn’t already been said. The Starbucks location in Liberty Village at 85 Hanna Avenue is a major favourite though for several residents. Despite the fact that it is regularly busy during rush hours, when one can grab a seat, there’s nothing quite like sipping into a Starbucks at this premiere location near all the shopping east of the neighborhood and close to the 24-hour Metro grocery store. Many have rated this as one of the best Starbucks in this part of the city which is why it is on our list. Giving consistently high quality customer service and always overcoming expectations, Starbucks is worthy of its number four placing.

School Bakery & Cafe Liberty Village#5 School Restaurant
Rounding out our top 5 cafes in Liberty Village is School Restaurant coming in at fifth place. You may recognize School Restaurant from our list of top 5 restaurants in Liberty Village and it lands here in our fifth spot for its cheesy French toast, bacon cooked just right, and brown sugar butter, all favourites among the breakfast and lunch crowd. The only drawback is that, much like Starbucks, during busier hours the wait can be quit lengthy. The 1980s/1990s style academic theme of School Restaurant has brought in nearly every Liberty Village property owner at one point or another, all seeking to find out what the buzz was about.

This list encompasses a wide range of specialty cafes and opportunities to visit Liberty Village during earlier hours of the day. The neighborhood’s charms are not worth thin on these five cafes and there are others in the general area that only serve to compliment the vibe established amongst these. Between the myriad of local and faraway delights, everyone is sure to find a hit amongst these top five cafes in Liberty Village.

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