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Liberty Village has long had a growing small business community. There’s no shortage of job opportunities in and around the neighborhood. As Liberty Village has continued to build itself into one of the west end’s most unique communities, there’s plenty of employment opportunities here. Though not every person will get the luxury of working and living in the same community, for those that do, it saves on commute time and can make things a lot easier.

Graphic design and marketing

The tech sector is booming in Liberty Village but perhaps equally so is the amount of marketing work coming out of the neighborhood. Graphic design, video editing, digital marketing, social media marketing, and some of Toronto’s most creative advertising work is hosted here. Though it’s a very competitive space, there’s always opportunity here to get started at one of the neighborhood’s many firms.

Administrative and clerical

There are a large amount of clerk-based administrative positions to browse in Liberty Village from its several start-ups, newly renovated offices, and brand headquarters. For any admin-qualified person looking for a fun place to work, there are a number of administrative and clerical jobs available here. It might not be the most glamorous job in the world – to some, anyway – but working in a company you believe in comes with its perks.

Assistant management and coordinators

Assistant managers, operations managers, and business coordinators are all sought after positions in Liberty Village. The top brass are looking for quality management to assist in leading their companies. If you have the experience and/or a background that qualifies you for such positions, there are some rewarding opportunities out there within the neighborhood. Providing assistance to upper level management could lead to bigger, brighter positions down the line. If you are a very social person and with some hustle to you, you might be able to negotiate your way to one of these roles.


Liberty Village is filled with many people trying to get their own start-ups going and to get their own entrepreneurial careers going. To this point, there are a lot of people working on independent contractor deals, such as with Uber. Then, there are others engaging in their own businesses such as dog walking and pet sitting. Note that Liberty Village is a tremendous market for any pet-related work as there’s a larger than average amount of people here with dogs. If you’re having difficulty finding the right opportunity for yourself in Liberty Village, the best advice we can give is to create to your own.

Customer service

There are customer service agent positions, customer experience representative positions, and more available in Liberty Village. As the community has expanded to welcome in big names in the creative arts so has come many fast food restaurants and service-based businesses. If you’re new to the city or the neighborhood, customer service can be a great way to get paid while beginning to network with others. Also, the growth in a lot of these companies could see someone move from customer service to a higher-up in a year or less. That’s something to think about when you’ve weighed all the options.

Browse more jobs out there in Liberty Village!

There are numerous other job opportunities in Liberty Village including members of creative advertising and marketing teams, web design developers, servers, stylists, sales associates, nutritionists and gym associates, software developers, account managers, and more. Please feel encouraged to check job ads online and/or bringing your resume during a less busy time direct to the manager in-person.

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