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Bakeries have come and gone in Liberty Village over the past decade plus. The more successful bakeries have been able to adapt to a growingly sophisticated consumer base while others have struggled to keep up.

That said, bakery culture has been essential to a growing Liberty Village, giving residents the opportunity to browse a range of options to select what satisfies their sweet tooth best. The bakeries mentioned here are the more acclaimed locations that have shown to have some staying power. As this list continues to grow in the years to come, it will be a delight to add to it.

UPDATED February 2019

Brodflour – 8 Pardee Ave

Brodflour opened at 8 Pardee Ave late 2018 and has brought a new level of baking to Liberty Village. Located in the former Roastery location, Brodflour is known for the quality of their amazing bread. Using fresh-milled flour from premium Canadian grain, you get bold flavours in some unexpected foods. Brodflour is one of the few places in Toronto where you can come to enjoy the smells of in-house milling, wholesome flour, and absolutely delicious breads.

Mad Batter Bakers – 135 Jefferson Avenue

Whatever sweet delectables are desired, they can be found here in Liberty Village. These cookies are available by Mad Batter Bakers, chocolates by The Golden Apple and cupcakes and wedding cakes at For the Love of Cake. Photo credit by Meg Marshall.

Specializing in gingerbread houses and cookies, Mad Batter Bakers is one of the more well-known bakeries in the neighborhood. The cookies are difficult to resist. Having that smell of fresh cookies in the air has lured in the best of us on a lunch break from work or just out for a walk. Doing weddings, corporate events, and birthday parties, adding in uniquely decorated soft gingerbread cookies or old fashioned sugar cookies can add a memorable flair to your party. Mad Batter Bakers comes highly recommended to those seeking homemade style cookies – particularly around Christmas or Easter, the two busiest times of year for this bustling bakery.

For the Love of Cake – 171 East Liberty Street

One of the newer additions to the bakery community in Liberty Village, For the Love of Cake specializes in cupcakes. Offering more than a dozen different varieties ranging from classic Red Velvet to Japanese Ginger, depending upon your preferences, expect to be drawn to a number of their items. There’s even more macho-themed cupcakes coming from For the Love of Cake, such as the Stout Spice, the Guinness Chocolate, and the Maple Bacon – all appropriately titled ‘mancakes’. Though the idea of going to a cupcake bakery might not scream diversity, the selection is surprisingly wide and freshly made. For the Love of Cake has the distinction of perhaps offering the best cupcake in the entire city – a must-have for anyone with a taste for cake.

School Bakery & Cafe – 70 Fraser Avenue

Brunch at School Bakery & Cafe

The school-themed restaurant and bakery is a familiar stop for many residents of Liberty Village. Book your reservations for a weekday lunch or dinner service, or enjoy some of the items at the finest bakeries in Liberty Village. The exquisitely restored industrial space in which School is set has been re-done to be cozy in winter and to have a cool breeze running through it in the summer. Though School is highly regarded for its brunch, its menu items are a nice purchase if you’re looking to hang out in a bakery setting with some friends. A definite addition to any bakeries list, School provides a standout restaurant setting that has shown itself to be highly attractive to its customers.

Bakery Culture in Liberty Village continues to Grow

Business development in Liberty Village has spawned a number of businesses providing bakery-based menu items. The development of the neighborhood has meant that there are no real long-term institutions that have survived the transformation, unlike other neighborhoods. If you’re looking for a place to get some cupcakes, some chocolates, or to enjoy some more specialized bakery items, Liberty Village has options to browse.

The opportunity to welcome in more bakeries in the Liberty Village region and surrounding neighborhoods is an exciting prospect, especially as more residents take up residence here. The ever-changing selection of bakeries in Liberty Village has drawn much interest around times of year such as Christmas, the Easter weekend, and Valentine’s Day. If you have a taste for one of the options discussed in this article, there are also specialized, customizable options to format an item like a cupcake to your liking. The lovely little bakeshops sharing items such as cakes, cookies, and cupcakes are a must-visit for any new residents in the neighborhood.

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