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If you visited 8 Pardee Avenue in Liberty Village a year ago, you would have been greeted by the Roastery.

In its time, the Roastery was a popular local Liberty Village café with a lot of charm. They served some pretty great sandwiches, burritos, smoothies, and all your favourite caffeinated beverages. Unfortunately, the Roastery has since closed. It’s not all bad news though as a new urban mill and bakery has opened in its place and we’re really excited about it.

Brodflour is known for the quality of their amazing bread. Using fresh-milled flour from premium Canadian grain, you get bold flavours in some unexpected foods. Brodflour is one of the few places in Toronto where you can come to enjoy the smells of in-house milling, wholesome flour, and absolutely delicious breads.

There’s probably no better place to buy real bread in this part of town. Nowhere else in the city mills their own flour and bakes their own bread, which is why it’s such a great business to add to the Liberty Village community. How lucky are we?

There’s a lot of uniqueness to Brodflour and to anyone who’s a fan of good quality breads, this is a place that really puts the extra attention in focusing on quality. Here, you’ll find some local brands, great fresh roasted coffee, and an interesting mix of foods. Browse menu items like the avocado and egg sandwich, rye with sunflower seeds, tasty cookies, Brodflour was originally founded in 2017 but has only recently moved into its Liberty Village location.

Although it has just recently opened, Brodflour has already generated a lot of strong reviews online and is starting to get attention from local residents and people outside of Liberty Village. As a reflection of the Liberty Village entrepreneurial spirit and the uniqueness of the business community here, Brodflour is a brand that we believe will contribute some amazing things to the future of our neighborhood.

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