Top Restaurants in Liberty Village for Burritos, Poutine, and More!

Liberty Village has a great variety of restaurants, bars, pubs, fast food, and healthy eats. For those looking for something specific, we put together a quick list of where you can get the best burritos, poutines & more in Liberty Village.

The Best Burrito in Liberty Village

Stuffed burritos with the right mix of cheese and sauce – yum! The best place to grab a rolled burrito in the neighborhood has got to be Fat Bastard Burrito. Searching for other options, you might find burritos that come close but there’s nothing quite like Fat Bastard.

The Best Poutine in Liberty Village

What would a list of restaurant ‘bests’ be if we didn’t include some poutine? The best poutine in Liberty Village has got to go to Smoke’s. Late-night poutine never tasted so golden delicious. Load up on fries, gravy, cheese curds and whatever else you need any day of the week. Grab the traditional poutine or go for something way more adventurous.

The Best Indian food in Liberty Village

There are a lot of Indian restaurants in the west end (i.e. Mississauga). Finding samosas, chana, and more Indian delights can be a challenge as you get closer to downtown. With little to choose from in the immediate area our best Indian food in Liberty Village can be found at Maurya. Having originally started in a strip mall in Etobicoke, Maurya’s 2nd location opened shop back in 2016 and has been turning up the heat with its take on the east-Indian roti ever since.

The Best Thai food in Liberty Village

Thai food is the comfort food of many in our neighborhood yet unfortunately Liberty Village has yet to find its own really great Thai restaurant. Not to worry, some exquisitely prepared Thai food to go can be found close by at Coco Rice in King West. Also, the dine-in dinner specials are cheap, though it gets busy so be sure to lock in some seats early if you can.

Honorable mention: The Thai Room (in the Liberty Market Building)

Standard Thai fare but much closer to LV’ers than Coco Rice. 

The Best Mexican food in Liberty Village

Liberty Village loves its Mexican food. The plethora of healthy eats, salads, and wrap options may say otherwise but deep down, who can’t turndown a killer taco, tortilla, or guacamole! Mexican restaurants in Toronto’s west end are no match for Liberty Village’s very own Maizal. Fresh, authentic and made from scratch, you can enjoy corn tortillas, guacamole, micheladas, and more. Maizal’s outdoor patio overlooks the Lamport Stadium Park, making it a community favourite in the summertime.

The Best Caribbean food in Liberty Village

Jerk, roti, and bread patties are just some of what can be found across Toronto’s mix of Caribbean food restaurants. In Liberty Village, see the green sign at King-Dufferin and visit Island Foods for some of the best Caribbean food in the west end. Having been there for over two decades, Island Foods is a definite must try in the west end. Here, you’ll find tasty rottis with potatoes, channa, boneless chicken, and several other unique options.

The Best Brunch in Liberty Village

Brunch is highly competitive in Liberty Village. And as hard as it is to just pick one go-to brunch restaurant in Liberty Village right now, we’re really feeling every item at School Restaurant. They have some of the thickest, puffiest pancakes in Liberty Village and their cheesy bacon French toast is an easy five-star, two-thumbs-up brunch classic.

The Best Vegetarian Food in Liberty Village

We saved the best for last! Liberty Village has a healthy mix of salad bars, wrap places, and vegan options spread across the neighborhood. To get your vegetarian fix in Liberty Village, there’s several places to go to grab some yogurt, a smoothie, or a salad. If we had to pick just one though, Live Organic has some amazing bowls, boxes, and wraps. The cashew cheddar, sour cream sauces, and daily gluten-free waffles with coconut whipped cream are all recommended. Sad news though – they are closing their doors soon.

There’s plenty more amazing foods to try out there in Liberty Village on menus far and wide. For those that haven’t done their fair share of exploring in the community yet believe us when we say your taste buds will thank you. For some, their next favourite food fix might just be a few minutes’ walk away!

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