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Dogs in Liberty Village – Camber

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Dogs and Liberty Village seem to go hand in hand. Seemingly at any daytime hour, there are always residents out with their pups walking the streets of Liberty Village. In fact, the community may be one of the most pet-friendly in Toronto, with its influence being seen in neighbouring Queen West and Parkdale.

The influx of pets has meant lots of success for pet services and pet supply stores in and around our community. For example, Pack of Paws is a Liberty Village doggy daycare located at 105 Jefferson Avenue. It’s a great place to take your fur-baby if you want to give them some time to socialize outside of your condo. There are also a half-dozen dog walking services in close proximity which means there is no excuse for allowing your dog to get lazy.


If we’re talking where to get pet supplies, there are two pet stores in the area. First is the Pet Valu. If you don’t care to venture over to King-Dufferin, Pet Valu is your general retail chain that carries all foods, supplies, toys, and other products for dogs, cats, and reptiles. They maintain a pretty strong 4.4/5 rating on Google Reviews and are a strong recommendation for where to check out. The Pet Valu staff are always friendly and knowledgeable, and they’re a great place to bring your dog to get a bath.

The other Liberty Village pet store option is the  Global Pet Foods on Hanna Avenue.  . Like Pet Valu, they maintain an impressive Google Reviews rating with 4.5/5. They carry much of the similar products, toys, and pet foods, and for most, the location is more accessible than Pet Valu. For your essentials, it’s worth coming here if you live nearby. There’s also an excellent incentive program for purchasing certain brands at this location.


Need something for your dog, cat, or reptile? Either of these Liberty Village pet stores are excellent options!

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