5 Of Our Favourite Comfort Foods in Liberty Village

Liberty Village is filled with amazing restaurants, corporate chains, small businesses, bars, pubs, and coffee shops. If you’re looking for where to find the best comfort foods, we’ve got you covered. Although some of the names on this list can be challenged in their respective category, all of them make for an easy place to start when it comes to foods like BBQ chicken, mac and cheese, and independent coffee.

The Best BBQ Chicken in Liberty Village

The Liberty Village Rotisserie is a great location of authentically prepared Portuguese and Greek cuisine. If you’re in the mood for some rotisserie chicken done BBQ-style, there’s a variety of dishes to chose from ranging from quarter-chickens to something much larger. Every meal comes complete with two sides. 

The Best Mac and Cheese in Liberty Village

There’s a couple places offering some pretty good mac and cheese in Liberty Village. For the best of the best though, most will choose Craft Brasserie. Alongside a menu loaded in comfort foods and more than 100 craft beers on tap, the mac and cheese here is built from baked orecchiette served in brown butter cheese sauce and is loaded with green peas, chorizo, and candied bacon.

The Best Indie Coffee in Liberty Village

Balzac’s Coffee is unquestionably Liberty Village’s most successful indie coffee chain and is highly recommended. Balzac’s has additional locations across Toronto, including in the Distillery District, Dovercourt Village, Yonge and Bloor, on the Ryerson University campus, the St. Lawrence Market, and in Union Station. Needless to say, they’re difficult to miss if you’re living in downtown Toronto. That said, you don’t need to go far if you’re living in Liberty Village to taste some amazing coffee from Balzac’s.

The Best Brunch Restaurant in Liberty Village

There’s no shortage of brunch options in Liberty Village. You’ve got an easy half-dozen absolutely amazing places within walking distance. The one that makes our list for best brunch restaurant in the neighbourhood and a place that continues to earn their spot as a top hot spot is the Barcelona Tavern. The chocolate blueberry pancakes and avocado toast with poached eggs is a top meal!

The Best French Toast in Liberty Village

While we’re on the subject of brunch, if there’s anything equal in deliciousness to pancakes at this time of day, it’s French toast. The best place in Liberty Village for delicious French toast, is School Restaurant. The super cheesy French toast is easily one of the best breakfast meals in Toronto. You won’t be disappointed!

These are just a few of Liberty Village’s top places to go for some comfort food but they’re far from the only ones. Some honorable mentions have to go to LOCAL, the stylish Williams Landing, the new and trendy 3 Brewers, the friendly Irish-themed Brazen Head Irish Pub, and the Toronto-famous Mildred’s Temple Kitchen. The best thing about all this is that everything’s located right in our very own Liberty Village. So the next time you’re looking to grab some tasty comfort food, this is just a little of what awaits in our neighborhood.

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