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The world is rapidly changing, but it may not be changing for the better. This is why we have to do our part in sustaining the natural resources around us.

This is where sustainable living comes in. It’s a philosophy and way of life that focuses on helping preserve Mother Earth by reducing one’s personal and societal environmental impact. In short, the goal is to contribute positively to help counter climate change and the overall negative environmental impact of humans.

One of the ways to practice sustainable living is to be aware of one’s personal carbon footprint. The World Wildlife Fund launched an environmental footprint calculator to help individuals become more aware of how they contribute to climate change. This, in turn, allows for proactive measures to be taken.

However, you don’t need to look far if you want to lead a more sustainable life. Here are the things you can do in Liberty Village that will help you create a more positive impact on our environment:

Support Sustainable Grocery Delivery

VGrocery is an environmentally friendly delivery service that features a wide range of food items. These include beverages such as Kombucha and natural juices. They also offer organic meat and poultry, dairy alternatives, vegetables, pantry supplies, and even sweet snacks.

Located at 536 Queen West, the company partners with local vendors to offer services that cover the entire city of Toronto. Delivery is done through electric cargo bikes, which use less energy than vans or trucks and produce zero carbon emissions. The company also offers reusable packaging, such as glass bottles, jars, and other containers to veer away from single-use packaging.

Participate in the Zero-Waste Movement

Muuse is a mobile app that aims to help everyone reduce waste by offering reusable and stylish to-go cups. The app officially launched in Canada in February 2021. You can now have your daily cup of joe while helping protect the environment.

Using the app is simple. Just download Muuse and find a nearby café. Once you get to the establishment, ask the barista to put your drink in a to-go Muuse cup. Scan the QR code on the cup using the app, and then confirm your checkout!

When you’re done with your drink, you can return your cup by using the app to find the nearest Muuse Return Bin. Scan the QR code on the Return Bin, and then scan the QR code on the Muuse cup. Afterward, place the cup into the Return Bin. Helping save the environment has never been this easy!

Three establishments near Liberty Village are participating in this program. These are Extra Butter, Full of Beans, and Unboxed Market.

Bike More Often

Biking produces zero emissions, as opposed to using cars or other forms of public transportation. If you don’t own a bicycle, then fret not. Bike Share Toronto will let you borrow a bike through their membership program. They now have over 625 stations, and many of these can be found within Liberty Village. Stations can be located through their app so getting from point A to point B becomes as easy as ABC.

Buy Pre-Loved, Donate Pre-Loved

Shopping at thrift stores not only helps you save money, but it also positively affects the environment. So many natural resources are spent on producing new clothes. When you buy from thrift shops, you can lessen your carbon footprint, help save water, reduce chemical pollution, and decrease landfill waste.

You can also donate your pre-loved items so that others can benefit from them. There is a Habitat ReStore branch close to Liberty Village so your pre-loved items, such as home furnishings, appliances, and even renovation materials, can find new homes. Habitat ReStore is also a good place to buy well-priced used pieces. It is located at Carlaw Ave, Toronto. You can also call them at (647) 276-0580 for more information.

Be Active in Recycling Programs

Recycling not only decreases waste, but also reduces the need for extracting, refining, and processing raw materials to create new products. These processes greatly contribute to air and water pollution, which is why recycling directly contributes to helping slow down climate change.

If you want to be more active in recycling, you should be aware of the important details regarding Toronto’s recycling program. Their website provides a comprehensive guide on the basics of recycling, as well as provides a list of common recycling mistakes.

Torontonians can also download the TOwaste app, which helps locate drop-off depot and donation areas. The app also helps residents know how to better dispose of various waste materials.

There are also private recycling stations in the area if you want to be more hands-on in helping Mother Earth. Some of these are Waste Diversion, the Electronic Recycling Association, and Viking Recycling.

Sustainable Lifestyle in Liberty Village

Sustainable living cannot stop at just one act to help save Mother Earth. It really is a way of life. Now that you know the many ways you can help the environment, it’s a lot easier to incorporate sustainable practices into your everyday life.

The good thing is that there are many things you can do in Liberty Village to help protect our environment. Be sure to check out the establishments and take part in the programs listed here. Each small step leads to a lifelong journey of sustainability!

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