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Liberty Village has been known for keeping up with the latest health and wellness trends and following a healthy lifestyle. Inside the 100-year old building located at 42 Hanna Avenue, Organic Garage has just opened their newest location. The opening of the Liberty Village location marks their 4th location in the GTA. 

The Organic Garage is yet another major name to join Liberty Village’s organic food movement. Many residents came here originally seeking things like organic/healthy grocery options, gyms, and fitness facilities in the neighbourhood. That’s what Liberty Village has been providing for over a decade. And now that Organic Garage has set up shop, the community is quickly becoming one of Toronto’s trendiest, when it comes to health and food.

Organic Garage may not be as well-known as some of the other main grocery stores in Toronto yet, but it has definitely been making a lot of headway lately. The independent grocery store was originally founded over a decade ago by a brother, mother, and sister, opening its first store in Oakville. At the time, it was aiming to be a hub of all things Certified Organic and natural products available at affordable prices.

Since 2006, Organic Garage has grown exponentially and thankfully, Liberty Village is going to play a key role in continuing their growth. The company is committed to a zero waste program. Its Liberty Village location will be equipped with battery recycling, a bring-your-own-container program, and provide biodegradable plastic bags, straws, and cups.

Other locations across Liberty Village that sell organic products include the Nutrition House at 120 Lynn Williams St and Liberty Organic located at 122-171 Liberty St. There are very few neighbourhoods with as many organic food grocers as ours. We’re so happy to have Organic Garage as another. Having just opened on Wednesday, October 10, the first 100 customers received a free bag of organic products with their purchase. Since then, they’ve been receiving excellent reviews from the locals. If you’ve struggled in the past at finding organic brands like Califia Farms Limited Edition Runs, Kevita Tart Cherry Kombucha, and others, it’s almost a guarantee you’ll find them here.

Visit Organic Garage today and find your favourite organic food products at affordable prices. We’re ecstatic as Liberty Village’s organic food movement continues to grow. If you haven’t switched to organic yet, now might be the perfect opportunity with this new face in the community.

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