Liberty Village Insta-Hotspots!

Back in the spring of 2016, we wrote an article on a few of the neighbourhood’s Instagram hotspots. It’s been almost 2 years since the original post and Liberty Village has seen quite a few changes, so we decided to add a couple more spots for your social media needs 😉

In April 2016, the hashtag #LibertyVillage had approximately 64000 posts. Fast forward to early February 2018, and the hashtag has nearly doubled to 124000 posts. Take a look at our updated list.

Love Liberty Wall

This commissioned piece painted by artist Ben Johnson for the Liberty Market Building is a fabulous piece that encapsulates a great message with modern typography. The combination of exposed brick and paint really make the monochromatic colours pop out.

Tip: This is a great background for a group shot.

Tiled Floor at Balzac’s Coffee

Take a moment and see what is beneath our feet. The beautifully tiled floor at Balzac’s has a historic feel. Some Instagrammers and design enthusiasts like to take photos of floors, as this element can certainly be the icing on the cake to a space.

Tip: Wear a pair of stylish shoes and be sure to get them in the bottom of the frame. This type of shot is taken usually from a bird’s eye view, so put down bags or anything with long straps to avoid getting any extra shadows in the picture.

I Don’t Give a Sip Sign at Liberty Commons

This retro yet cheeky neon sign certainly grabs everyone’s attention as they enter the restaurant at Liberty Commons. The pinkish glow certainly stands out and is often the focal point of photos.

Tip: Either a solo or group shot, have the photographer take the picture from the stairs. And maybe the people in the photo can bring some attitude to match the sign’s phrase ;).

South Liberty Trail Silos

During the fall of 2017, York Heritage , with the help of management, Mural Routes, painted the silos along the South Liberty Trail using some of Toronto’s top street artists. These beautifully painted silos can be seen by commuters from the GO Trains and by drivers coming into the city from the Gardiner Expressway.

Created by the talented Vizsla Bacon.

Tip: Use these stunning silos in the background and have the person or object positioned in the foreground for a very scenic look.

Former Church

This historic building was once a church here in Liberty Village, and is a true piece of the community’s past. It’s beautiful red brick exterior, serves as a popular place to take photos. With each side highlighting different types of brick and shades of red, there are many creative options here.

Tip: Depending on the time of day, the lighting and shadows differ. 

Instagram Tips

  • Huffington Post notes using natural light, shoot from different angles and play with props
  • Some media publications, such as Vogue, suggest not posting more than 3 times per day and that the Kelvin filer should be avoided
  • Consider using some photo-editing apps to add some effects to your images like VSCOCam, Filmborn, or Adobe Photoshop Express.

If you would like to look at our first look at Liberty Village’s best Instagram spots, be sure to follow the link.

Happy ‘Gramming!

All photos in this article were taken by Meg Marshall.

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