The Best Gyms in Liberty Village

The weather is getting warmer and people are starting to shed their warm winter clothes in favour of less clothing. With  /the thaw comes a desire to retain one’s “summer shape” or shed a “winter coat”. Either way you describe it, it usually means one thing: getting in shape.

We are quite lucky here in Liberty Village because we have some really great fitness options. Although some people simply prefer the great outdoors and a run down by the lake (which we are also very lucky to be close to), others prefer the indoor options at a local gym or personal training studio. For our “Best Of” series, we will highlight some of Liberty Village’s best fitness options.

Goodlife Fitness is an extremely poplular Liberty Village gym on the 2nd floor of the Shops at King Liberty at 85 Hanna Ave. With almost 300 fitness clubs across Canada, Goodlife Fitness is a well-oiled fitness machine. Nothing about this gym feels like a one-off, but in many ways, that can be a good thing. The staff are well-trained and friendly and the facilities are clean and modern. The Liberty Village location is co-ed and open 24hrs . I don’t know about you but I think I would find a  single-sex gym to be pretty darn depressing – but that’s just me. I have some female friends who prefer to workout just in the company of other women.

Goodlife Fitness in Liberty Village gets EXTREMELY busy during peak hours and should be avoided when possible. There are a wide variety of fitness classes which have a dedicated local following and the personal trainers are certified and always available.

Kingwest Fitness  (closed) is another popular Liberty Village gym, especially for those looking to shed a few calories before going  next door to Brazen Head. Located at 171 East Liberty St, the facility definitely has more of a one-off vibe than Goodlife but has comparable equipment and class schedules. I particularly like the lofty setting of this old building. The interior is fresh and funky and has more of a fitness studio vibe than others. One side of the club has range of cardio options including ellipticals, treadmills, bikes and Stairmasters, along with all of the modern audio/visual accompanyments you would expect at a state-of-the-art gym. On the other side of the club there’s a good mix of free weights and machines; and in the middle an enclosed studio space is home to spinning, yoga and boxing classes

Although not open 24hrs like Goodlife, Kingwest Fitness is open 6am – 11pm and 9am – 6pm on weekends and works for most people’s schedules. Go check it out!

99 Sudbury Gym is another option for those of us living or working in Liberty Village. Although technically not within the traditional Liberty Village boundaries, 99 Sudbury is a short walk up Sudbury St north of King St W. 99 Sudbury  is a great gym for those looking to get away from the crowds in Liberty Village. It is large and has a great variety of workout equipment without the human traffic one will be faced with during peak times at some of the others. At times, it almost feels empty but you can put up with the lack of energy since you won’t be lining up for the treadmill.   The fitness club includes a Health and Wellness Centre, three weight rooms, cardio section with state-of-the-art equipment, and two exercise studios with a Spinning room.

The facility is also an event space but does not host the type of “after hour/booze-can” events that the building was popular for years ago. The events, which includes weddings, are held in a separate section of the building and rarely interferes with your workout. The interior has been renovated a number of times and lacks some of the natural light and energy that the others have but 99 Sudbury is an affordable option for those looking for a quieter environment to workout in.

Stay-tuned for more Liberty Village fitness options including yoga and personal training studios…

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