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 We are always looking for the best ways to bring you the Liberty Village-related information you are looking for. Whether you want to know about the latest restaurant opening or the best place to have your nails done, has become the leading resource for those wanting to keep up-to-date on all things “Liberty Village”.

We have never hidden our love for all things real estate in Liberty Village and we spend a lot of time documenting current real estate trends here. After all, we are locally based Realtors and make our living by moving people into and out of Liberty Village.  We happen to be very good at this and we can attribute much of this success to the work we have put into our marketing material and top-notch service to buyers and sellers here in Liberty Village.

Look at this website, for example. We are averaging about 500 readers a day and growing. Not too shabby. Our Liberty Village Newsletter reaches about 3500 residents a month.

We are now offering a free and extremely useful tool for those looking for Liberty Village condo, loft and townhome listings. These are fresh and new and the listings are updated hourly. You can also find this incredible search tool at our site dedicated to Liberty Village condos and lofts. We figure the title is a dead giveaway but you never know. LVC’s search tool offers rentals as well as sales.

Go ahead. Sign up and get informed. You are able to search a limited number of listings without signing up but in order to get the alerts and access to EVERY Liberty Village listing available, you will need to sign up. There’s no risk and you won’t be pestered by anyone.

Let us know how the search goes and if you want help from the pros, conatct us.

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4 Comments on Liberty Village Condo Search Tool

  1. I was considering renting at Liberty Village, but the area is not pedestrian-friendly. There are not enough cross-walks in case you decide to walk and not to drive.
    Also it looks cool and hip, but a bit lonely… Not enough “cozy” “friendly” places. Most people are young/30+ professionals, many of whom live by themselves and wouldn’t mind finding new friends or networking contacts. Working on a project after work, and having some company would be nicer than doing it alone.
    How about hosting some events, which would be both relevant to the crowd’s interests and give an opportunity to mingle? E.g. some lectures/workshops on new technologies/trends/fashion/style, and then provide snacks/drinks (or an opportunity to buy them) so that people could mingle and exchange contacts? I would move there, if I know there is some life going on. Add some buildings with friendly colors. Current ones might be “trendy”, but if you read about how colors influence mood, those might not the be the happiest colors.

  2. also, there is a spelling mistake in the article. It says “a free and extremely useful too” , while I’m guessing it should be “tooL” 🙂

  3. Lana you think liberty is not pedestrian friendly!? Every corner is a four way stop with a painted cross walk…

    I do like you’re idea of lecture series, but I’ll have to look into demographic information for the area.

  4. Yes, I think it was near Brazen head and/or Aroma I had to wait and then just cross the road running since there were cars. Maybe there is a painted cross walk, but cars don’t stop unless there’s a streetlight. It would be nice to have the one that lights on demand, when you press the button and can cross it pretty much in a couple of seconds.

    regarding the demographics, I think I’m not the only one who likes going to public places with someone. I do go to coffee shops alone sometimes, but it feels not as much fun and lonely, so if I’m alone, I spend more time at work->home. If you bring neighbors together, they’d be more likely to get out somewhere, possibly to local restaurants/recreation centers that offer some ways to spend time. E.g. dance lessons (solo and couple), art workshops (acrylic painting, etc), cooking classes, shows… There are people who want to be entertained and can pay. Make it a fun place!

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